PRS Meeting

November 16, 2006
09:30 AM - 04:00 PM
ERCOT Austin
8000 Metropolis (Building E), Suite 100
Austin, TX 78744
Dial-In: 512.225.7280
Dial-In Code: 5056



Antitrust Admonition

K. Gresham


Approval of Minutes (Vote)

October 19, 2006

K. Gresham


Urgency Votes

K. Gresham


TAC and Board Reports (Possible Vote)

K. Gresham


Review of "Decision Tree" (Possible Vote)

K. Gresham


 Project Update and Summary of Project Priority List (PPL) Activity to Date

T. Anderson


Review of Recommendation Report, Impact Analysis and Cost/Benefit Analysis (Vote)

PRR647, Gross and Net MW/Mvar Data Reporting.  On 1/19/06, PRS voted unanimously to refer PRR647 to ROS for determination of ERCOT needs and identification of data already being reported to ERCOT by Market Participants.  On 3/23/06, PRS received an oral report of ROS? discussions regarding PRR647 and voted to forward additional instructions to ROS.

PRR679, Revision to NLRI Formula and Other Credit Requirements

PRR686, Black Start Testing Requirements (see NPRR019)

PRR693, Update Transactions for Texas SET 3.0 Implementation and Timing for Processing Priority/Standard Move- In Transactions



Review of PRR Language (Vote)

PRR691, Nodal Implementation Surcharge Verifiable Costs (see PRR688)

PRR694, Modification of Certain Board Approvals

PRR695, Unaccounted for Energy (UFE) Analysis

PRR696, MAPE Publication

PRR697, Posting Requirement Changes



Project Prioritization (Vote)

Appropriate PRRs from Item No. 7

LPGRR016, Load Profile Transition Mitigation (URGENT)



Review of NPRR Language (Vote)

NPRR018, Separate LaaR and Generator MCPCs for RRS.  On 9/21/06, PRS tabled NPRR018.

NPRR019, Black Start Testing Requirements.  On 9/21/06, PRS deferred NPRR019 allow for TPTF review.

NPRR031, Correction of Voltage Support Bill Determinants

NPRR032, Correction of Black Start Bill Determinants

NPRR033, Settlement of CRRs When DAM Does Not Execute

NPRR036, Market Operations Test Environment (MOTE) in the Nodal Market



Consider Recommendation for Rejection (Vote)

PRR584, Extending Black Start Service Bid Timeline.  On 4/21/05, PRS voted to refer the PRR to the Black Start Task Force for further development.  There were three abstentions from the Municipal and Cooperative (2) segments.  All Market Segments were present for the vote.



Other Business





Scheduled prs Meetings

Key Documents

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