Texas SET Change Controls

View all of the Texas Standard Electronic Transaction (SET) Change Controls that have been created and submitted to the Texas SET Working Group as a result of issues submitted by Market Participants through the Texas SET Issues Process.

This includes all New and Pending (Under Review) Change Controls, those that have been Approved for future Texas SET versions, as well as all Withdrawn and already Implemented Change Controls.

Texas SET Change Control Submission Process

The process for submitting a new Texas SET Change Control is detailed in the Texas SET Working Group Procedures (found on the Texas SET Working Group page).

Approved for Texas SET 5.0

CC# Description Approved On
TXSETCC844 Remove I2M - Invalid Second Move Out from the 814_04 transaction. 06/06/2023
TXSETCC843 To provide better clarification for the use of reject code SOP the reject name and gray box will be updated 06/06/2023
TXSETCC842 Update the gray box for the 814_04 and 814_25 for the I2M - Invalid Second Move Out 03/07/2023
TXSETCC840 Update the 814_18 and 814_19 Guides to be in line with Texas SET 5.0 Changes 03/07/2023
TXSETCC838 Update the 814_19 to add the ASI02 of 001 (Change) and additional reject codes 03/07/2023
TXSETCC837 Update the 814_25 to remove ERCOT Use Only from the NFI reject code to allow TDSPs to use 09/13/2022
TXSETCC836 This change control will implement logic to reject Texas SET transactions that contain only a comma or other one character punctuation in a name field 09/13/2022
TXSETCC835 Update code 26 of the BIG07 in the 810_02 to support miscellaneous credits 09/13/2022
TXSETCC834 Add specific Unexecutable codes to provide detailed explanations rather than just "T018" for turndowns associated with unapproved Distributed Generation equipment or Auto Transfer Switch and/or no signed Interconnection Agreement received by TDSP 09/13/2022
TXSETCC833 Add new Reject codes to the 814_19 for support of the new CSA Start and End dates added in Change Control 2021-828 09/13/2022
TXSETCC832 To support Change Control 2021-829 for Inadvertent Gain/Loss or Customer Rescission this change control adds 3 new rejection reasons 09/13/2022
TXSETCC831 Add new REF segment in order to provide Meter Service Type 12/06/2022
TXSETCC830 Add additional Reject Codes and Reject Reasons to provide more descriptive rejects 09/13/2022
TXSETCC829 Add a new indicator to indicate regain due to Inadvertent Gain/Loss and Right of Rescission 09/13/2022
TXSETCC828 Add DTM Start and End segments to the 814_18 Establish/Delete CSA Request. 09/13/2022
TXSETCC827 Allow Competitive Retailer to provide customer's email to TDSP 09/13/2022
TXSETCC821 Add necessary data elements to transactions to allow the submission of County to be communicated 03/07/2023
TXSETCC819 Clarify REF~4P and REF~IX are not provided when NM109 is NONE or UNMETERED in the 814_20 09/13/2022
TXSETCC818 Update the 814_28 Guide as a result of the market recommendations following Hurricane Harvey 09/13/2022
TXSETCC817 Update the 650_04 Guide as a result of the market recommendations following Hurricane Harvey 03/07/2023
TXSETCC816 Update the 650_02 Guide as a result of the market recommendations following Hurricane Harvey 12/06/2022
TXSETCC815 Update the 650_01 Guide as a result of the market recommendations following Hurricane Harvey 09/13/2022
TXSETCC809 Requesting a new Construction Hold Pending Code (CHP) to the 814_04 and 814_05 to help REPs identify the reason for potential delays on a MVI request 09/13/2022
TXSETCC798 Updating the 814_24 to allow only the CSA CR to submit the REF~2W and create new reject reason for ERCOT 09/13/2022
TXSETCC794 Make the "Unmetered Service Type" found in the REF~PRT segment "Optional" for the TDSP when the information is available at the time the 814_20 Create transaction is established and communicated to ERCOT. 09/13/2022


CC# Description Approved On
TXSETCC841 Update the Implementation Guides to support options available to MOU/EC for retail transactions 02/07/2023


CC# Description Withdrawn On
TXSETCC805 Update all of the TX SET Implementation Guides to allow the receiver of the transaction containing Special Characters to determine to either accept the transaction or to respond with a valid rejection. 07/14/2020
TXSETCC800 Muni-Coop guidelines are different than the IOU guidelines for meter removal 07/14/2020
TXSETCC792 Update the 814_20 guide for Critical Care to no longer require the entire loop to be present when adding or updating Emergency Contact Information 10/19/2011
TXSETCC774 Changes were made to the Critical Care form by the PUCT and subsequently changes are required to Change Control 2010-757 to update the telephone numbers to be non-specific. 05/18/2011
TXSETCC773 Clarifications to bring the TX SET Implementation Guides compliant and resolve disparities between Change Control 2010-738 and PUCT Critical Care Form. 05/18/2011
TXSETCC769 Adding clarifying language to the Switch Hold Add & Swith Hold Remove codes for Change Control 2010-737. 04/20/2011
TXSETCC768 Adding clarifying language into the gray box for Change Control 2010-735 04/20/2011
TXSETCC767 In order to accommodate the reason for change when updating the expiration date for special needs customers add the REF02 code of the DTM036 to the REF~TD of the LIN loop. 05/18/2011
TXSETCC765 The final rule language for Critical Care adopted the concept that TDSPs are required to provide notice to REPs when a Customer's ESIID is placed on Temporary Status for either Critical Care Residential or Chronic Care Residential. Adding 2 additional codes for the temporary Critical Care status 05/18/2011
TXSETCC764 Add an expiration date to the Special Needs designation to allow CRs to audit these designations and ask TDSPs for clarification of whether a status has been removed if the expiration date has passed without receiving an update. 05/18/2011
TXSETCC763 Ability to allow the MVI to be suspended when the ESIID has a Switch Hold applied for Meter Tampering or Defer Payment agreement. 11/08/2010
TXSETCC758 Proposes changes to MIMO rules (Solution to Stacking), which would allow the TDSP to reject an 814_08 cancel with cancel codes of A81, MPC and MOX 04/19/2011
TXSETCC757 Missed 814_20 transaction left out on CC 738 - New Critical Care status designations are required when Critical Care = Y and additional Contact information is required for certain Critical Care status. 05/18/2011
TXSETCC744 Adding a Time Stamp to the BGN to assist in establishing what time the CR submitted the service request to the TDSP. 08/24/2010
TXSETCC741 Adding a priority code to the 814_24 to allow for same day requests to be processed at a different level from standard Move Outs. 01/13/2011
TXSETCC738 New Critical Care status designations are required when Critical Care = Y and additional Contact information is required for certain Critical Care status. 05/18/2011
TXSETCC737 In order to support the Meter Tampering Rulemaking, changes were added to the 650_01 and 650_02 to communicate Switch Hold Disconnect and Reconnect 04/20/2011
TXSETCC735 In order to support Meter Tampering, in the event of a Mass Transition, the POLR CR will be notified that an ESI ID had a Switch Hold Prior to the Mass Transition. 04/20/2011
TXSETCC717 V3.0 added a duplicate YNQ~~Y~~~~~~9~RES segment to the 65002. 05/22/2008