Texas Standard Electronic Transaction Issues


TXSET125 TX SET should consider approving a request to modify Protocols, Solution to Stacking and create Change Controls to change ERCOT’s systems to only forward the 814_20 Maintenance transactions to the Current Rep of Record and any orders Scheduled in ERCOT's system.
TXSET126 Add a new REF~8X Purpose Code to the 650_01 and 650_02 transaction to allow CRs to request and TDSPs to know when the CR wants the Premise Type verified.
TXSET127 Add new reject code of "DUP" for duplication request received by TDSP in the 650_02 in the REF03 of the REF~7G. Also clarifying DC005 "Disconnect due to tampering" is really a "Disconnect for non-payment of charges associated to Tampering".
TXSET128 Add new reject code "TCC" to notify REPs when the TDSP has rejected their request due to completing a competing order scheduled for the same date. Also add the new Complete Unexecutable Code "T024" to the REF~G7 segment of the 650_02 and 814_28. Add new code "TDR" for Two Business Days Notification Required in the REF~7G of the 814_13. Adding "SHF" as a valid reject code in the REF~G7 of the 814_11.
TXSET129 Add clarity to determine if the REF~IX is required when the REF~MT is COMBO in the 814_04 transaction.
TXSET130 This Issue is to add clarity to many different segments in various Change Controls: PER~PO segment, REF~1P segment and the REF~RAA segment.
TXSET131 Add a new SAC04 code of "MSC049" for RATE CASE EXPENSE SURCHARGE 2.
TXSET132 Eliminate the process where a TDSP has to send multiple 814_20's to create the ESI ID and to update it to show unmetered service type. TX SET should allow the TDSP to send both the create and update in one transaction similar to metered services.
TXSET133 Claification on the difference of the Expiration Date requirements in the 814_04 and the 814_20.
TXSET134 Non - CSA CR sends a MVO with the indicator for bypass CSA at ERCOT. Non CSA CR is not always the owner of the CSA, causing the ESIID to become de-energized without CSA CRs knowledge.
TXSET136 Include the 5 business day rule in the gray box under the S2 action code and if the R8 action code could read customer requested MVO of the 650_04 transaction.
TXSET137 Solution to Stacking - Rep Rule 1: Reps who have a pending move out and submit a move in (same rep) with an earlier requested date are responsible for canceling the pending move out if that is what the customer requires (rep manages customer expectations). if the rep does not cancel the move out, the move out will be allowed to effectuate.
TXSET138 The required use of Appendix J4 (Continuous Service Agreement Statement) and the required signature of the CSA customer. The CSA customers frequently ask why the form is required given that the CSA REP knows that an active CSA is in place.
TXSET139 Discuss how Critical Care (CC) status re-establishes itself for a customer after an IAG has occurred.
TXSET140 Requesting review of Move Outs and how they interact with CSAs.
TXSET141 Allow for cancel and date change requests to be processed at ERCOT and TDUs within the 1day window time frame without being rejected.
TXSET142 Better understanding how Market (REPS and ERCOT) should handle DEV request by TDSP, what the acceptable time frame is before the actual ESI creation date is and billing of the customer
TXSET143 Special Characters are being sent in transactions to the TDSPs and causing manual intervention.
TXSET144 When a guard light is replaced with a different type of light a new ESID has to be established for the new install. This process is confusing for the customer and creates an overall poor customer experience.
TXSET145 Request for consistency and standardization across all Competitive Retailers that will allow TDSPs to create an automated process that will match the 820_02 Remittance Advice against the 820 Bank Payment.
TXSET146 Discuss the timing around 814_PCs where the Customer name is present, but the telephone is not.
TXSET147 Original, cancel, and replacement transactions are being handled differently between TDSPs which is causing exceptions for the CR.
TXSET148 Update the 810_02 cancel invoice examples to contain the same due date as the original invoice examples.


TXSET150 Need to review the use of the A13 Reject Code

Under Review

TXSET149 Recommend revision to Continuous Service Agreement (CSA) process surrounding Solution to Stacking REP Rules 5 and 6.


TXSET135 814_05s are being received with the meter type blank and missing the meter number. The meter is never sent in subsequent 814_20s. This causes billing to fail since we are missing the meter.