Operating Guide Revision Requests


OGRR225 Quick Start Units Qualification Ramp Period
OGRR226 Generation Resource Response Time Requirement
OGRR227 Administrative Changes for June 1, 2009 Operating Guides
OGRR228 Administrative Changes for June 1, 2009 Operating Guides -- Second Set
OGRR229 Synchronization of Operating Guides with PRR804, Revisions to Section 21 Appeal Process
OGRR230 Administrative Changes for July 1 2009 Operating Guides
OGRR231 Administrative Changes for August 1, 2009 Operating Guides
OGRR232 Revise the Process for Submitting Biennial Unit Reactive Limits (Lead and Lag)
OGRR234 EEA Media Appeal Correction
OGRR235 Total Transmission Capacity Correction
OGRR237 Clarify the WGR Voltage Ride-Through Requirement
OGRR238 WGR Primary Frequency Response
OGRR239 Administrative Changes for March 1, 2010 Operating Guides
OGRR240 CREZ Facility Protection and Control Requirements
OGRR241 Special Protection System Monitoring Requirements
OGRR243 Disturbance Monitoring Requirements Clarification
OGRR244 Synchronization with PRR821, Update of Section 21, Process for Protocol Revision
OGRR246 Administrative Changes for June 1, 2010 Operating Guides
OGRR247 Process for Transition to Nodal Operating Guide Sections


OGRR233 Backup Control Plan Submission Process


OGRR236 Fast Response Distributed Energy Resource (DER)
OGRR242 Section 7 Revisions to Meet Pending NERC Requirements for New Construction
OGRR245 Alignment with NERC Reliability Standard PRC-001-1, System Protection Coordination