Title Disturbance Monitoring Requirements Clarification
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Status Approved on 07/01/2010


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
07/01/2010 TAC Approved
05/19/2010 OWG Recommended for Approval ROS Consideration
04/21/2010 OWG Recommended for Approval OWG for Impact Analysis review.

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
07/01/2010 TAC To approve OGRR243 as amended by the 6/24/10 ERCOT comments Passed
05/19/2010 OWG Consensus to forward the 4/21/10 OWG Recommendation Report as revised by OWG and Impact Analysis for OGRR243 to ROS
04/21/2010 OWG To recommend approval of OGRR243 as submitted.


Status: Approved
Date Posted: Mar 9, 2010
Sponsor: SPWG
Urgent: No
Description: This Operating Guide Revision Request (OGRR) changes data recording and reporting requirements for equipment operating at 100kV or above at Facilities where fault recording equipment is required.
Reason: The System Protection Working Group (SPWG) prefers that the fault data recording requirements allow for calculated electrical quantities which are used in modern protection system equipment and can be determined by modern fault analysis software. The SPWG also prefers that recording requirements for autotransformers should allow for monitoring of either high voltage or low voltage terminals and that specification in the fault reporting template of the recorded time standard (such as Central Standard Time (CST) or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)), replace the requirement of CST recording requirements.

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