Nodal Operating Guide Revision Requests


NOGRR225 Administrative Changes for June 1, 2021 Nodal Operating Guide – Load Shed Table
NOGRR226 Addition of Supplemental UFLS Stages
NOGRR227 Add Phasor Measurement Recording Equipment Location for Main Power Transformer for Intermittent Renewable Resource (IRR)
NOGRR228 Administrative Changes for July 1, 2021 Nodal Operating Guide – Load Shed Table
NOGRR229 Alignment Changes for September 1, 2021 Nodal Operating Guide – NPRR995
NOGRR231 Update ERCOT Regional Map
NOGRR232 Related to NPRR1093, Load Resource Participation in Non-Spinning Reserve
NOGRR233 Related to NPRR1094, Allow Under Frequency Relay Load to be Manually Shed During EEA3
NOGRR234 Related to NPRR1098, Direct Current Tie (DC Tie) Reactive Power Capability Requirements
NOGRR235 Combining Greyboxes and Other Corrections
NOGRR236 Related to NPRR1105, Option to Deploy Distribution Voltage Reduction Measures Prior to Energy Emergency Alert (EEA)
NOGRR237 Related to NPRR1106, Deployment of Emergency Response Service (ERS) Prior to Declaration of Energy Emergency Alert (EEA)
NOGRR238 Alignment Changes for December 17, 2021 Nodal Operating Guide – NPRR1094, NPRR1105, NPRR1106
NOGRR239 WAN Data Protection Responsibilities
NOGRR240 Direct Current Tie (DC Tie) Ride-Through Requirements
NOGRR241 Related to NPRR1127, Clarification of ERCOT Hotline Uses
NOGRR242 Update POIB References
NOGRR243 Implementation of Seasonal Load Shed Tables
NOGRR244 Alignment Changes for December 1, 2022 Nodal Operating Guide – NPRR1127


NOGRR230 WAN Participant Security
NOGRR245 Inverter-Based Resource (IBR) Ride-Through Requirements
NOGRR246 Related to NPRR1161, Clarify AVR Notification Requirements for IRRs
NOGRR247 Change UFLS Stages and Load Relief Amounts
NOGRR248 Related to NPRR1157, Incorporation of PUCT Approval into Revision Request Process
NOGRR249 Communication of System Operating Limit Exceedances