Nodal Operating Guide Revision Requests


NOGRR250 Related to NPRR 1171, Requirements for DGRs and DESRs on Circuits Subject to Load Shedding
NOGRR251 Add Cold Weather Conditions to Template for Emergency Operations Plan
NOGRR252 Related to NPRR1176, Update to EEA Trigger Levels
NOGRR253 Related to NPRR1178, Expectations for Resources Providing ERCOT Contingency Reserve Service
NOGRR254 Alignment Changes for August 1, 2023 Nodal Operating Guide – NPRR1143
NOGRR257 Removal of Redundant ERS Reporting Requirement
NOGRR259 Alignment Changes for November 3, 2023 Nodal Operating Guide – NPRR1176
NOGRR260 Administrative Change for Nodal Operating Guide – Remove Obsolete Reference from List of Appealable TAC Actions
NOGRR261 Move OBD to Section 8 – Procedure for Calculating RRS Limits for Individual Resources


NOGRR255 High Resolution Data Requirements
NOGRR258 Related to NPRR1198, Congestion Mitigation Using Topology Reconfigurations
NOGRR262 Provisions for Operator-Controlled Manual Load Shed
NOGRR263 Clarification of Controllable Load Resource Primary Frequency Response Responsibilities
NOGRR264 Related to NPRR1235, Dispatchable Reliability Reserve Service as a Stand-Alone Ancillary Service


NOGRR256 Related to NPRR1191, Registration, Interconnection, and Operation of Customers with Large Loads; Information Required of Customers with Loads 25 MW or Greater