Nodal Operating Guide Revision Requests

View the pending Nodal Operating Guide Revision Requests (NOGRRs) below. You may also view a full report of all NOGRRs below.


Issue Title Next Group
NOGRR215 Limit Use of Remedial Action Schemes PUCT
NOGRR230 WAN Participant Security PUCT
NOGRR245 Inverter-Based Resource (IBR) Ride-Through Requirements TAC
NOGRR247 Change UFLS Stages and Load Relief Amounts PUCT
NOGRR249 Communication of System Operating Limit Exceedances PUCT
NOGRR250 Related to NPRR 1171, Requirements for DGRs and DESRs on Circuits Subject to Load Shedding PUCT
NOGRR251 Add Cold Weather Conditions to Template for Emergency Operations Plan PUCT
NOGRR252 Related to NPRR1176, Update to EEA Trigger Levels PUCT
NOGRR255 High Resolution Data Requirements ROS
NOGRR256 Related to NPRR1191, Registration, Interconnection, and Operation of Customers with Large Loads; Information Required of Customers with Loads 25 MW or Greater ROS
NOGRR257 Removal of Redundant ERS Reporting Requirement ROS
NOGRR258 Related to NPRR1198, Congestion Mitigation Using Topology Reconfigurations ROS