Nodal Operating Guide Revision Requests

View the pending Nodal Operating Guide Revision Requests (NOGRRs) below. You may also view a full report of all NOGRRs below.


Issue Title Next Group
NOGRR245 Inverter-Based Resource (IBR) Ride-Through Requirements BOARD
NOGRR255 High Resolution Data Requirements PUCT
NOGRR258 Related to NPRR1198, Congestion Mitigation Using Topology Reconfigurations PUCT
NOGRR262 Provisions for Operator-Controlled Manual Load Shed ROS
NOGRR263 Clarification of Controllable Load Resource Primary Frequency Response Responsibilities ROS
NOGRR264 Related to NPRR1235, Dispatchable Reliability Reserve Service as a Stand-Alone Ancillary Service ROS
NOGRR265 Related to NPRR1238, Voluntary Registration of Loads with Curtailable Load Capabilities ROS
NOGRR266 Related to NPRR1239, Access to Market Information ROS
NOGRR267 Related to NPRR1240, Access to Transmission Planning Information ROS