Pending Nodal Operating Guide Revision Requests (NOGRRs)
# Title Description Date Posted Sponsor Urgent Protocol Sections Current Status Effective Date(s)
NOGRR245 Inverter-Based Resource (IBR) Ride-Through Requirements This Nodal Operating Guide Revision Request (NOGRR) replaces the current voltage ride-through requirements for Intermittent Renewable Resources (IRRs) with voltage ride-through requirements for Inverter-Based Resources (IBRs) and Type 1 and Type 2 Wind-powered Generation Resources (WGRs) and provides new frequency ride-through requirements for IBRs and Type 1 and 2 WGRs consistent with or beyond requirements identified in the new 2800-2022 - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Inverter-Based Resources (IBRs) Interconnecting with Associated Transmission Electric Power Systems (“IEEE 2800-2022 standard”). 01/11/2023 ERCOT Yes 2.6.2,, (new), 2.9, 2.9.1, (new), (new), 2.11 (new), 2.12 (new), 2.12.1 (new), 2.12.2 (new), 2.12.3 (new), 2.13 (new), 2.13.1 (new), (new), (new), (new), (new), (new), 2.14 (new) Pending
NOGRR255 High Resolution Data Requirements This Nodal Operating Guide Revision Request (NOGRR) establishes high-resolution data requirements. 06/29/2023 ERCOT No 6.1, 6.1.1, (new), 6.1.2,,,,, 6.1.3, (new),,,,, (new), (new), (new), (new),, (new), 6.1.4 (new), (new), (new), (new), (new), (new), 6.1.4, 6.1.5, 6.1.6 and 8M Pending
NOGRR256 Related to NPRR1191, Registration, Interconnection, and Operation of Customers with Large Loads; Information Required of Customers with Loads 25 MW or Greater This Nodal Operating Guide Revision Request (NOGRR) establishes voltage ride-through requirements for Large Loads and Load-shedding processes for Large Loads that are registered as Registered Curtailable Loads. 08/01/2023 ERCOT No 2.11 (new),, (new), and Pending
NOGRR258 Related to NPRR1198, Congestion Mitigation Using Topology Reconfigurations This Nodal Operating Guide Revision Request (NOGRR) proposes changes to align the Nodal Operation Guides with NPRR1198 that adds language to allow the use of Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) and Extended Action Plans (EAPs) to facilitate the market use of the ERCOT Transmission Grid. NOGRR258 also adds guardrails to ensure that topology reconfiguration requests meet basic reliability and economic criteria, and defines the process for submission, review, and approval of EAPs. This NOGRR and NPRR1198 leverage ERCOT’s existing Constraint Management Plan (CMP) process to quickly mitigate critical transmission congestion impacts by establishing a scalable process for topology reconfiguration requests that is transparent, predictable, equitable, workable, reliable, and compatible with existing planning processes. ERCOT already leverages topology optimization in the CMP processes. Since NPRR529, Congestion Management Plan was introduced in 2013 with the limitations that NPRR1198 proposes to revise, the power industry has evolved and there have been technological improvements that make transmission topology reconfigurations a powerful option to mitigate congestion beyond just use cases for which there is no feasible Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) solution. 08/31/2023 EDF Renewables, Inc. No 11.1, 11.4, 11.4.1, 11.6, 11.8 (new), and 11.8.1 (new) Pending
NOGRR262 Provisions for Operator-Controlled Manual Load Shed This Nodal Operating Guide Revision Request (NOGRR) aligns provisions regarding manual and automatic firm Load shed and clarifies the proper use and interplay of Under-Voltage Load Shed (UVLS), Under-Frequency Load Shed (UFLS), and manual Load shed. 03/20/2024 ERCOT No 4.5.3,, and 8L Pending
NOGRR263 Clarification of Controllable Load Resource Primary Frequency Response Responsibilities This Nodal Operating Guide Revision Request (NOGRR) clarifies that a Controllable Load Resource is only required to provide Primary Frequency Response when it is providing an Ancillary Service that requires the Controllable Load Resource to be capable of providing Primary Frequency Response. 04/10/2024 Priority Power No 2.2.8 Pending