Title: Update code 26 of the BIG07 in the 810_02 to support miscellaneous credits
Next Step: RMS voted to include this change control in Texas SET 5.0
Status: Approved for Texas SET 5.0


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next Steps
09/13/2022 RMS Approved RMS voted to include this change control in Texas SET 5.0
10/05/2021 RMS Approved Approved as non-emergency for a future release
09/23/2021 TXSET Recommended for Approval Recommend RMS Approve for a future TX SET release


Status: Approved for Texas SET 5.0
Date Submitted: 09/16/2021
Submitter Name: Kathy Scott
Submitter Company: Centerpoint
Emergency: No
Sections: 810_02
Description: The 810_02 graybox states: “A second 810 for the same ESI ID may be sent for a Late Payment Charge, Service Order Charge, Meter Tampering Discretionary Invoice or Interest Credit.”
Reason: However, there is no existing BIG07 Code that supports a standalone Interest Credit or Credit of any type, even those credits that may be processed after a final bill was produced. This change control provides clarifications to the current BIG07 code “26” to change the graybox to match the name identified into the TX SET Guide as a “Miscellaneous Services Invoice” instead of creating a new BIG07 code dedicated to miscellaneous credits.
Protocol Impact: No

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