Title Multi-Day Scheduling Capability
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Status Rejected on 06/17/2010


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06/17/2010 PRS Rejected

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06/17/2010 PRS To reject SCR741. Passed


Status: Rejected
Date Posted: Aug 20, 2004
Sponsor: Entergy Solutions
Urgent: No
Description: The essence of the request is for ERCOT to set up a data repository that can receive balanced schedules for future operating days for which a market has not yet been opened. As ERCOT opens markets each day the relevant data from the repository would be pulled into ERCOT’s EMMS system. Basic requirements: Allow submission of balanced schedules up to 7 days prior to operating day Clearing should remain limited to the next operating day (as we do currently), unless ERCOT needs to clear a two Day Ahead market for reliability reasons. The expectation is that this data is not validated until it is pulled from the repository into the EMMS system.
Reason: There are several justifications for this capability: Market participants would have the ability to input schedules early, allowing this data entry to occur at a time that conflicts least with other business priorities It would provide data input flexibility in case of an emergency situation that impacts operations at QSE facilities It would allow more flexibility for market participants who have skeleton staffs on weekends and holidays

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