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Status Approved on 05/16/2007

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
05/16/2007 BOARD On 05/16/07, the Board voted to approve PRR708 as recommended by TAC. Passed
03/30/2007 TAC On 03/30/07, TAC unanimously voted to recommend approval of PRR708 as recommended by PRS. All Market Segments were present for the vote. Passed
03/22/2007 PRS On 03/22/07, PRS unanimously voted to recommend approval of the PRS Recommendation Report and endorse the IA for PRR708. All Market Segments were present for the vote. Passed
02/22/2007 PRS On 02/22/07, the PRS voted to recommend approval PRR708 as revised by ERCOT Comments dated 2/22/07 and PRS. There were two abstentions from the Municipal and Consumer Segments. All Market Segments were present for the vote. Passed


Status: Approved
Date Posted: Jan 29, 2007
Sponsor: AEP
Urgent: No
Description: The proposed protocol revision requires ERCOT to provide adjusted interval meter data for load and generation to a TDSP involved in system planning and operation activities. Any information provided pursuant to this revised provision will retain its protected status pursuant to Section 1.3, Confidentiality, of the Protocols, and will be subject to all applicable codes of conduct, including the PUCT code of conduct restricting the internal sharing of transmission information by employees of the TDSP.
Reason: TDSPs require a thorough understanding of the character of the load that is served on and through their transmission systems in order to best anticipate the need for upgrades and operational procedures. System load is determined by netting flows into and out of the system against the total generation in the system. A given transmission footprint may include numerous entities that transfer power to serve load and inject generation into the transmission system. Since all generators within the footprint of a given TDSP are not directly interconnected, the TDSP may not have direct access to generation meter data from all generators within its transmission footprint. A TDSP needs this missing generation data to determine overall system load for planning and operational purposes. Similarly, if a TDSP does not represent the entire amount of load within its transmission footprint, settlement meter load data can be used to offset the transmission load to determine the TDSP™s distribution load. This interval meter data can be obtained most efficiently from settlement meter data already provided to ERCOT. Access to settlement meter data for generation must be collected by the TDSP in a consistent, timely manner in order to determine if boundary meters are functional. Otherwise, the failure of a boundary meter may go undetected and the loss of data would be unrecoverable for the duration required to detect the failure. Currently, the Protocols provide that generator data is publicly available to a TDSP after 180 days, causing a potential six-month hole in transmission load information. The provision of this information to a TDSP for planning and operations purposes is consistent with ERCO€™s statutory responsibilities to ensure the reliability and adequacy of the regional electrical network and to produce timely and accurate settlement statements. (PURA 39.151). Current Protocol Section 1.3.6 already contemplates the release of this type of information to a TDSP engaged in transportation and distribution system planning and operating activities, provided the protected status of the data is maintained. This PRR adds further specificity regarding the data to be provided.

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