Title Process for Protocol Revisions During the Transition to a Nodal Market
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Status Approved on 05/16/2006
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Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
05/16/2006 BOARD Approved
05/04/2006 TAC Recommended for Approval Board approval
04/21/2006 PRS Recommended for Approval TAC consideration

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Date Gov Body Motion Result
05/16/2006 BOARD Approve as recommended by TAC. Passed
05/04/2006 TAC Recommend approval as corrected by TAC. Passed
04/21/2006 PRS Recommend approval of PRR657 as amended by select TXU comments and grant Urgent Status. Passed


Status: Approved
Date Posted: Mar 24, 2006
Sponsor: ERCOT
Urgent: Yes
Sections: Section 21.1, Introduction, and Section 21.11, Process for Nodal Protocol Revisions during the Transition (New).
Description: This PRR introduces a more streamlined procedure for processing revision requests relating the Nodal Protocols during the period prior to implementation of the Nodal market. This PRR shortens the comment period and limits the Impact Analysis requirements to only those revision requests that may affect a Requirements Document. The new procedure would be outlined in new Section 21.11, Process for Nodal Protocol Revisions During the Transition to a Nodal Market, and this process would only be applicable until the day of full implementation of the Texas Nodal market
Reason: Revisions to the Nodal protocols will be subject to the requirement of Protocol Section 21, Process for Protocol Revisions. Under a normal timeline in this Section, it takes at least six months to process a Protocol Revision Request (PRR). It is, however, anticipated that in order to timely develop the systems for the Nodal market by the deadline of January 1, 2009, to be part of the initial Texas Nodal design, a Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPPR) must be processed in a shorter timeframe.

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