Title Ramp Rate Adherence During Local Congestion
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Status Withdrawn


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
08/03/2006 TAC Approved
07/20/2006 PRS
06/21/2006 WMS Referred Consideration of request for withdrawal.

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
08/03/2006 TAC Endorse request for withdrawel of PRR467 Passed
07/20/2006 PRS Voted to recommend granting the request for withdrawal of PRR476. Passed
06/21/2006 WMS


Status: Withdrawn
Date Posted: Nov 13, 2003
Sponsor: Exelon
Urgent: Yes
Sections:, 6.10.7
Description: Currently, the ramp rates on individual resources are ignored during Local Congestion. This leads to Dispatch Instructions that are impossible to adhere to, especially when every unit running for a QSE is getting a unit specific instruction. Although a QSE may ignore category 4 instructions, they must still follow the category 1. In the event that every unit running for a QSE in a zone is getting a category 4, they all make up the category 1. As a result of the ramp rates being violated, SCE cannot be followed, which puts a strain on frequency which leads to regulation and balancing instructions. Further, the QSE can potentially be penalized with imbalance charges for not keeping SCE at 0.

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