Title: Revised State Estimator Reports on Individual Transmission Load on Electrical Buses
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Status: Withdrawn on 06/20/2011


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06/20/2011 WMS Withdrawn

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06/20/2011 WMS

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Status: Withdrawn
Date Posted: Jun 3, 2011
Sponsor: WMS
Urgent: No
Description: The Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) reinstates the State Estimator Load Reports, which will be published every five minutes on the Market Information System (MIS) Secure Area. The NPRR requires ERCOT to redact station codes with less than ten Electric Service Identifiers (ESI IDs) to protect confidential information.
Reason: When NPRR329, Security Classification Changes for Extracts/Reports, became effective on May 18, it suspended the posting of State Estimator Load Reports that revealed individual Load data. WMS believes there is value of Load data being available for Market Participants without releasing Protected Information. The State Estimator Task Force (SETF) worked on a methodology to redact station codes based off ERCOT’s current systems. During market trials and after Nodal go-live, ERCOT was publishing this report every five minutes before the concerns arose of confidentiality.

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