Title Synchronization of PRR758, Clarification of Language Related to Generation Netting for ERCOT Polled Settlement Meters
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Status Approved on 09/21/2010
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or per the Nodal Protocol Transition Plan http://www.ercot.com/mktrules/protocols (10/01/10 Nodal Protocols Library)


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
09/21/2010 BOARD Approved
09/02/2010 TAC Recommended for Approval ERCOT Board for consideration.
08/19/2010 PRS Recommended for Approval TAC for consideration.
07/22/2010 PRS Recommended for Approval PRS for Impact Analysis review.

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
09/21/2010 BOARD To approve NPRR252 as recommended by TAC in the 9/2/10 TAC Report. Passed
09/02/2010 TAC To recommend approval of NPRR252 as recommended by PRS in the 8/19/10 PRS Report. Passed
08/19/2010 PRS To endorse and forward the 7/22/10 PRS Report and Impact Analysis for NPRR252 to TAC. Passed
07/22/2010 PRS To recommend approval of NPRR252 as submitted. Passed


Status: Approved
Date Posted: Jul 14, 2010
Sponsor: ERCOT
Urgent: No
Sections: 2.1,, 10.1,
Description: This Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) synchronizes the Nodal Protocols with Protocol Revision Request (PRR) 758, Clarification of Language Related to Generation Netting for ERCOT Polled Settlement Meters, approved by the ERCOT Board on 4/15/08. The term "Metering Facility" and its definition are being struck from Section 10.1 and added to Section 2, in accordance with Nodal Protocol convention. Non-substantive administrative changes, such as correcting acronym and defined term usage are also included.
Reason: To synchronize the Nodal Protocols with PRR758.

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