Title Related to NPRR 1171, Requirements for DGRs and DESRs on Circuits Subject to Load Shedding
Next Group ROS
Next Step Language Consideration
Status Pending


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
05/04/2023 ROS Deferred/Tabled Language Consideration

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
05/04/2023 ROS to table NOGRR250 and refer the issue to the Operations Working Group (OWG) Passed


Status: Pending
Date Posted: Mar 29, 2023
Sponsor: ERCOT
Urgent: No
Sections: 2.6.1
Description: This Nodal Operating Guide Revision Request (NOGRR) removes language that prohibits Distribution Service Providers (DSPs) from connecting Distribution Generation Resources (DGRs) and Distribution Energy Storage Resources (DESRs) to circuits included in an Under-Frequency Load Shed (UFLS) scheme to align with NPRR1171. NPRR1171 recognizes that some DGRs and DESRs may be connected to circuits that are subject to Load shed.
Reason: Addresses current operational issues; Market efficiencies or enhancements