Title System Security Response Group (SSRG)
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Status Rejected on 04/16/2009


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next Steps
04/16/2009 ROS Rejected
03/30/2009 CIPWG Recommended for Approval ROS Consideration
03/12/2009 ROS Referred CIPWG Consideration
02/09/2009 OWG Recommended for Approval ROS Consideration
01/21/2009 OWG Recommended for Approval Review of Impact Analysis by OWG

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
04/16/2009 ROS To reject NOGRR024 Passed
03/30/2009 CIPWG Consensus to recommend approval as amended.
03/12/2009 ROS To refer NOGRR024 to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Working Group (CIPWG) Passed
02/09/2009 OWG Consensus to forward the OWG Recommendation Report and Impact Analysis for NOGRR024 to ROS for approval. Passed
01/21/2009 OWG


Status: Rejected
Date Posted: Dec 9, 2008
Sponsor: ERCOT
Urgent: No
Sections: 2.2.12 (New)
Description: This Nodal Operating Guide Revision Request (NOGRR) adds requirements for the System Security Response Group (SSRG), which helps to satisfy the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Standard CIP-001-1, Sabotage Reporting.
Reason: Adds a new Section to the Nodal Operating Guide regarding the System Security Response Group (SSRG). This NOGRR corresponds with OGRR216.

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