Texas SET Meeting

July 12, 2007
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
AEP Corpus Christi, 17th Floor
539 N Carancahua
TX 78478
Dial-In: Toll Free: (888) 895-4516,  Houston Local: (713) 207-8081
Dial-In Code: 617258


Call Meeting to Order-TX SET Leadership

  • Antitrust Admonition
  • Introductions
  • Approval of the Draft June 28, 2007 Conference Call Notes



RMS Update

  • Congratulations for TX SET Version 3.0’s Successful Implementation
  • Retail Metering Working Group Workshop on Small Renewable Generation (TX SET Recommendations requested)
  • Review and Update Retail Market Guide on RMS voting guidelines for TX SET items.




New Issues / Discussion Items:

  • Issue 060: Add codes for penalties, deposits, and interest


Eloise Flores/Nueces



  • Issue 061: Gray box change on use of REG~51 on 867_03


Susan Munson



  • Issue 062: Ensure the 650_04 Guide accurately describes the use of RC004’ and RC001’


Mike Zagray



  • Issue 063: Gray box language clarification on 814_16 REF~PH


Kyle Patrick



  • Issues 064: REF~TN needs to specify that special characters are not allowed.


Catherine Meiners



  • Issue 065: 867_03 mapping failure due to missing REF~51 for NOIEs.  REF~51 needs to be updated to include IOU TDSPs only.

See 2007 IO65_86703.doc in Key Documents 

Susan Munson



  • Issue 067: 867_03 BPT01 conflict in the graybox for code 00 versus 05

Ts and Cs Requirement 3: Modified the 810_02 to send the BIG08 05’ Replace code on every corrected 810_02.  The 867_03 is modified to include a 05’ Replace code in the BPT01.  IOU TDSPs will send 867_03 & 810_02 corrections with a 05’ code in the BPT01 and BIG08 respectively for all months being re-billed or restated due to being cancelled.  The 867_03 will be forwarded by ERCOT to the CR identified in the transaction upon receipt from the TDSP; however, Lodestar (Data Extract Variance (DEV) updates) will not be updated until the following day.  In all other ways, the 05’ will be treated as a 00’ Original transaction in ERCOT’systems.

See TX SET 867_03 in Key Documents


Kyle Patrick


  • Issue 067: 810_02 Code 26’ Discretionary charges after a final.  What is the correct way to reverse these charges, should it be a 01 Cancel or 00 Original with Credit?


Jennifer Garcia



  • Any Other Issues?




Emergency Change Control definition and what deems an issue to be a Market Emergency


Market Participants will discuss change controls to reach consensus and will assign one of the following statuses:


  • Majority of Market Participants agree that requested change is adversely affecting transaction processing in the Retail Market.  Change is incorporated into the SET Implementation Guides on an urgent schedule to be determined by the Texas SET Working Group.  Market Participants who disagree may take their disagreement to RMS.


  • Change Control is requesting a change that needs further definition.  If upon investigation the submitter determines the issue is still valid, he or she will submit the change on an issue form and follow issue process as outlined above.


  • Change Control has been identified as a requirement for a Texas SET Version Release.

In absence of a consensus a Market Participant may take the issue to RMS for consideration.



Review and Update Retail Market Guide Discussion RMS voting items concerning TX SET

Retail Market Guide (Current Document):


Standing and Ad Hoc Work Groups

In order to discharge its responsibility, the subcommittee may form standing work groups and temporary or ad hoc work groups with representation on each work group being appointed or approved by the subcommittee.  The members of the work group shall elect from amongst themselves a chair and vice chair, subject to confirmation by the RMS, for a one-year term on a calendar year basis or until the work group is no longer required.  The subcommittee will direct these work groups, make assignments and retire the work groups as necessary.

All subcommittee work groups are responsible to report planned activities/projects and results to the subcommittee for review and to submit any budget requirements to the subcommittee to be forwarded to TAC for approval.  All work group actions are subject to subcommittee review.  Materials submitted by working groups that require RMS approval will be submitted to RMS members for review one week prior to the scheduled RMS meeting.

The standing working groups reporting to RMS are:

  • Texas SET
  • Texas Test Plan Team
  • Market metrics Working Group
  • Retail Metering Working Group
  • Texas Data Transport Working Group

Working groups shall submit the following materials for RMS approval:

  • Retail Market Guide Revision Requests
  • Texas SET Implementation Guides
  • Texas SET Change Controls
  • Texas Market Test Plan Revisions
  • Retail Market Test Flight Schedules
  • Texas Data Transport Implementation Guide Revisions
  • Retail Metering Guide Revisions
  • Retail market System Change Requests (SCR)
  • RMS Working Group Procedures

Kathy Scott







Retail Metering Workshop Renewable Generation Action Item(s)

  • How does TDSP send generation values?  Action Item from Workshop would like Texas SET to provide options and recommendations on how this can be facilitated.
  • Short term (meaning what is available today in the 867_03 Implementation guide)

See 867_03 Ignore Loop (2).rtf document in Key Documents 

  • Long term (what changes would be needed that could result in a change to implementation guide/systems where it may require version release).

See Retail_Market_Workshop Small Renewable document in Key Documents




TX SET Issues Identified During Flight 0407 Testing Version 3.0 Functionality (Open Discussion) (Kyle Patrick and/or Flight Admin. Feedback)



Review Open TX SET Action Items & Email Q&A

Email from Kim Wall PPL Solutions

Developing Visio Swimlane Diagrams addressed in RMG 7.11.3 Handling Pending Texas SET Transactions During a Mass Transition and cannot find clear documentation of how the POLR is notified of their customer being force-moved-out in the following scenario

Scenario 7.11.3(2)(b)(ii) Move In Scheduled for date > 2 business days after the Mass Transition Date

  • If the premise is energized, I’m assuming the following occurs
  • New CR Sends 814_16 to ERCOT
  • ERCOT Sends 814_03 to TDSP
  • TDSP Sends 814_04 & 867_02 to New CR
  • ERCOT Sends 814_06 to Current CR (Forced Move Out)
  • Current CR sends 814_07 Response
  • Mass Transition Event Notification Occurs
  • ERCOT Evaluates ESIID and determines Move In Date > 2 business days after Mass Trans. Date
  • ERCOT Sends 814_03 Mass Transition Switch to TDSP
  • TDSP Sends 814_04 and 867_02 (See Question #1 Below)
  • ERCOT Sends 814_14 and 867_02 to POLR.  See Question #2 Below)
  • POLR Sends 814_15 Response
  • Mass Transition Date TDSP Reads Meters and 2 days later sends 867_03 and 867_04 to ERCOT.
  • ERCOT Sends 867_03 Final Usage to Current CR and 867_04 Initial Read to POLR.
  • Customer is now energized with the POLR
  • Move In Date TDSP Reads Meters and 2 days later sends 867_03 and 867_04 to ERCOT.
  • ERCOT Sends 867_03 Final Usage to POLR and 867_04 Initial Read to New CR.


Does the TDSP store both the Switch to POLR and the Move In dates in their system and act on each?

Is there any notification on the 814_14 to the POLR that this ESI has a Move In scheduled?

Other than the receipt of the 867_03 Final Usage, how is the POLR notified that their customer is being force-moved-out?

  • Are the ASI~RL & DTM~376 used on the 814_14 because essentially the POLR’s customer is being force-moved-out?
  • Are there any additional transactions sent, such as the 814_06, to the POLR prior to the meter read?
  • Does ERCOT send 814_08 cancel to New CR with indicator to resubmit Move In after the mass transition date?



Agenda/Discussion items for next meeting





Next Meeting Schedule:

MCT and TX SET’s meeting schedule for next month:

  • August 2007 2 dates

Meeting Location ERCOT Met Center Conference Room 168:

  • Market Coordination Team (MCT)
  • Version 3.0 Lessons Learned Session
  • Wednesday, august 28, 2007 (10:00 AM 5:00 PM)
  • Texas SET (TX SET)
  • Thursday, August 29, 2007 (09:00 AM 5:00 PM)

September 2007 2 dates

Meeting Location ERCOT Met Center Conference Room 168:

  • Texas SET Meeting (Day 1)
  • Wednesday, September 26, 2007 (10:00 AM 5:00 PM)
  • Texas SET Meeting (Day 2)
  • Thursday, September 27, 2007 (09:00 AM 12:00 PM)






Scheduled TXSET Meetings

Key Documents

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