Texas SET Working Group Meeting

June 30, 2010
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
ERCOT Austin
8000 Metropolis (Building E), Suite 100
Austin, TX 78744
Room 168
Teleconference: 866-469-3239
Meeting number: 359 128 292
Meeting password: Texas123!!


1.  Antitrust Admonition                                                                                       10:00 am

ERCOT strictly prohibits market participants and their employees who are participating in ERCOT activities from using their participation in ERCOT activities as a forum for engaging in practices or communications that violate the antitrust laws.  The ERCOT Board has approved guidelines for members of ERCOT Committees, subcommittees and working Groups to be reviewed and followed by each market participant attending ERCOT meetings.  If you have not received a copy of these Guidelines, please see the Client Relations desk to receive a copy.

2.  Disclaimer

All presentations and materials submitted by Market Participants or any other Entity to ERCOT staff for this meeting are received and posted with the acknowledgement that the information will be considered public in accordance with the ERCOT Websites Content Management Operating Procedure.

3.  Introductions

      o   Change Control


New Change Controls to be discussed: 

  • ChangeControl2010-731:  Update the TX SET Guides to with correct information. This includes spelling, grammar and punctuation corrections as well as removing Drop to AREP references and some cleanup on the 814_28 and 814_29.
  • ChangeControl2010-732:  In order to streamline regulatory and market agreed changes to SAC04 Codes, TX SET attendees concluded that moving the existing SAC04 codes currently in the TX SET Implementation Guides 810-02 TDSP to CR Invoice should be moved outside of the Implementation Guide and noted so that ERCOT market participants are referenced to a webpage on the ERCOT TX SET webpage that will contain the applicable SAC04 codes. 


Approved Change Controls to be discussed:

  • ChangeControl2008-725: Approved on 2/22/2010 - Update the Implementation Guide for the 867_03 and 867_02 to show that the REF~JH~I will be used for kWh Generation values only and to state that if there are multiple REF~JH~I loops in the 867_03, that ERCOT will only read and use the first one in the transaction that is encountered.  Per TX SET discussion it was determined we should remove the kWh/kVA and only say Generation Values for the REF~JH~I


Change Controls requesting Nullification: 

  • ChangeControl2008-717:  V3.0 added a duplicate YNQ~~Y~~~~~~9~RES segment to the 65002.  TX SET discussed and decided we should not try to combine the two YNQ segments into one.


4.    Update

       o   Review Update slides presented at RMS


        o   Any Action Items from RMS?


5.  TX SET Issues to Update



  • I087:   Puct substantive rule §25.493 (e) states that ERCOT shall develop procedures to facilitate the expeditious transfer of large numbers of customers from one rep to another.


  • I104:  Add additional SAC04 Codes for Transition Charges, Transition Charge Off Allowance, Credits and Weather Events


  • I105:  Support processes related to PUCT Project 37291 Meter Tampering and Disconnection and Reconnection of service for customers with Advanced Meters


  • I106:  With the new functionality provided by AMS meters to detect power outages and power restoration and to allow customers to request power outage/restoration notifications via Smart Meter Texas there is need for TDSPs to receive customer contact information via the 814_PC transaction.


  • I107:  PUCT Project 37622 proposes new Critical Care Status designations that would add new identification requirements to all affected TX SET Implementation Guides.


  • I108:  Texas SET Guides should be updated to reflect correct information


  • I110:  Remove the 814_07, 814_15 & 814_23 as valid TX SET Transactions


6.  Documentation for SET 4.0:  


  • Finalize Outline for SET 4.0
    • Draft RMGRR
    • Draft PRR
    • Change Control List


7. TTPT Issues:  


New CRs are not automatically part of the set up process they are only required to set up to the primary and not the disaster recovery ip. 

      o   New CR’s should connect to the primary site as well at the disaster recovery site as a requirement.  (they must test both to certify with us  on primary and DR site)

  • Discuss any outstanding TTPT Issues
  • NPRR for TTPT/Texas SET consolidation


8. Other Business

9. Adjourn  

Scheduled txset Meetings

Key Documents

Acquisition (AQ) Business Requirements
TX SET 4.0 Project Documentation
Jul 6, 2010 - doc - 61 KB
Jul 6, 2010 - doc - 198.5 KB
Jun 10, 2010 - zip - 1.3 MB
Jul 20, 2010 - doc - 83.5 KB
Jun 28, 2010 - doc - 1.7 MB
PRR Texas SET 4.0
TX SET 4.0 Project Documentation
Jul 6, 2010 - doc - 79 KB
Solution to Stacking 4.0
TX SET 4.0 Project Documentation
Jul 6, 2010 - doc - 239 KB
Texas SET 4
TX SET 4.0 Project Documentation
Jul 6, 2010 - doc - 37.5 KB

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