Verifiable Cost Manual Revision Requests


VCMRR025 Related to NPRR957, RTF-4 Definition of Energy Storage Resource and Related Registration and Telemetry Requirements
VCMRR026 Related to NPRR970, Reliability Unit Commitment (RUC) Fuel Dispute Process Clarification
VCMRR027 Related to NPRR986, BESTF-2 Energy Storage Resource Energy Offer Curves, Pricing, Dispatch, and Mitigation
VCMRR028 Administrative Changes for March 1, 2020 Verifiable Cost Manual – Update ERCOT Email Address
VCMRR029 Related to NPRR1003, Elimination of References to Resource Asset Registration Form
VCMRR030 Related to NPRR1039, Replace the Term MIS Public Area with ERCOT Website
VCMRR032 Calculation of Average Running Hours per Start when Determining the Variable O&M for QSGRs


VCMRR031 Clarification Related to Variable Costs in Fuel Adders
VCMRR033 Excluding Exceptional Fuel Costs from Fuel Adders
VCMRR034 Excluding RUC Approved Fuel Costs from Fuel Adders
VCMRR035 Allow Verified Contractual Costs in Fuel Adder Calculation
VCMRR036 Related to NPRR1157, Incorporation of PUCT Approval into Revision Request Process