Texas SET Change Controls


TXSETCC841 Update the Implementation Guides to support options available to MOU/EC for retail transactions

Approved for Texas SET 5.0

TXSETCC827 Allow Competitive Retailer to provide customer's email to TDSP
TXSETCC828 Add DTM Start and End segments to the 814_18 Establish/Delete CSA Request.
TXSETCC829 Add a new indicator to indicate regain due to Inadvertent Gain/Loss and Right of Rescission
TXSETCC830 Add additional Reject Codes and Reject Reasons to provide more descriptive rejects
TXSETCC831 Add new REF segment in order to provide Meter Service Type
TXSETCC832 To support Change Control 2021-829 for Inadvertent Gain/Loss or Customer Rescission this change control adds 3 new rejection reasons
TXSETCC833 Add new Reject codes to the 814_19 for support of the new CSA Start and End dates added in Change Control 2021-828
TXSETCC834 Add specific Unexecutable codes to provide detailed explanations rather than just "T018" for turndowns associated with unapproved Distributed Generation equipment or Auto Transfer Switch and/or no signed Interconnection Agreement received by TDSP
TXSETCC835 Update code 26 of the BIG07 in the 810_02 to support miscellaneous credits
TXSETCC836 This change control will implement logic to reject Texas SET transactions that contain only a comma or other one character punctuation in a name field
TXSETCC837 Update the 814_25 to remove ERCOT Use Only from the NFI reject code to allow TDSPs to use
TXSETCC838 Update the 814_19 to add the ASI02 of 001 (Change) and additional reject codes
TXSETCC840 Update the 814_18 and 814_19 Guides to be in line with Texas SET 5.0 Changes
TXSETCC842 Update the gray box for the 814_04 and 814_25 for the I2M - Invalid Second Move Out
TXSETCC843 To provide better clarification for the use of reject code SOP the reject name and gray box will be updated
TXSETCC844 Remove I2M - Invalid Second Move Out from the 814_04 transaction.


TXSETCC825 Modify the 814_20 Implementation Guide to allow the REF~PRT when NM101 equals MQ.
TXSETCC826 Update the 814_25 Guide to allow for the FRB ‘Invalid Billing Type’ Reject Code.
TXSETCC839 Add a new SAC04 code of "MSC057" for Temporary Emergency Electric Energy Facilities (TEEEF)

Recommended for Approval

TXSETCC845 Update the 867_03 to add a new Unique Identifier of "M" (Mobile Generation) into Existing REF~JH (Meter Role) Segment