Load Profiling Guide Revision Requests


LPGRR050 Changes the Review of Additional Validations from a Quarterly Review to an Annual Review
LPGRR051 Administrative Changes for the June 1, 2014 Load Profiling Guide
LPGRR052 Change to Oil & Gas Assignment Process
LPGRR053 Zip Code to Weather Zone Table Update
LPGRR054 Alignment with NPRR661, Discontinue Posting Profile Data Evaluation Report
LPGRR055 Extend Load Profile Model Calendar Inputs to 2030
LPGRR056 Initial Profile Assignment for Temporary Services
LPGRR057 Alignment with NPRR781, Updates to Nodal Protocol Section 18, Load Profiling, to Align with Current Market Processes
LPGRR058 Administrative Changes for July 1, 2016 Load Profiling Guide- Section 21 Alignment
LPGRR059 Administrative Changes for January 1, 2017 Load Profiling Guide – Alignment with Section 21
LPGRR060 Load Profiling Guide Clean Up Related to LPGRR057
LPGRR061 Modifications to Annual Validation Timelines
LPGRR062 Load Profiling Guide Revision Request Process
LPGRR063 Assignment of BUSOGFLT Profile Type
LPGRR064 Updates to LPG for TAC Subcommittee Restructuring
LPGRR065 Related to NPRR881, Annual Validation Process Revisions
LPGRR066 Administrative Changes for January 1, 2019 Load Profiling Guide - Reference Correction
LPGRR067 Profile Decision Tree Revisions
LPGRR068 Add BUSLRG and BUSLRGDG Profile Types
LPGRR069 Add Lubbock Zip Codes and Clarify BUSIDRRQ/BUSLRG (DG) Assignments
LPGRR070 Discontinuation of Interval Data Recorder (IDR) Meter Weather Sensitivity Process
LPGRR071 Reduced Timing Requirement for Submittal of Usage and Demand Values by Opt-In Entities
LPGRR072 Related to NPRR1157, Incorporation of PUCT Approval into Revision Request Process


LPGRR073 Administrative Change for Load Profiling Guide – Remove Obsolete Reference from List of Appealable TAC Actions