Title: Add a new SAC04 code of "SER141" for Unmetered Pole Attachment Service Charge
Next Step:
Status: Implemented


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next Steps
09/10/2019 RMS Approved
08/21/2019 TXSET Recommended for Approval TX SET recommends that RMS approve Change Control 2019-808 as an emergency and review and approve the red lined implementation guide.


Status: Implemented
Date Submitted: 08/06/2019
Submitter Name: Kathy Scott
Submitter Company: Centerpoint
Emergency: Yes
Sections: 810_02
Description: CNP is requesting a new SAC04 code that uniquely identifies Pole Attachment Service Charge in the 810_02 TDSP Invoice. CNP request an emergency addition of this new SAC04 code SER141 to allow Competitive Retailers (CRs) time to test and implement the new code into their production systems to meet the effective date in this Project’s Final Order.
Reason: Docket No. 49421, APPLICATION OF CENTERPOINT ENERGY HOUSTON ELECTRIC, LLC FOR AUTHORITY TO CHANGE RATES once approved will add a new discretionary service charge to CenterPoint Energy’s (CNP’s) Tariff.
Version: 4.0
Protocol Impact: No

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