Title NOIE Self-Provision of Emergency Interruptible Load Service
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Status Approved on 05/16/2007


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next Steps
05/16/2007 BOARD Approved
05/04/2007 TAC Rejected
04/20/2007 PRS Recommended for Approval Consideration by TAC

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
05/16/2007 BOARD Granted the appeals and approved PRR716 and encouraged the TAC to develop a different self-provision solution through a follow-up PRR. Passed
05/04/2007 TAC To recommend approval of PRR716 as recommended by PRS. Failed
04/20/2007 PRS Recommend approval of PRR716 as revised by CPS comments and PRS. Passed


Status: Approved
Date Posted: Apr 11, 2007
Sponsor: CPS Energy
Urgent: Pending
Sections: 2, Definitions and Acronyms; 6.5.12, Emergency Interruptible Load Service; 6.8.6, Capacity Payments for Emergency Interruptible Load;, Settlement Obligation for Emergency Interruptible Load Service; 6.10.13, Emergency Interruptible Load Service Qualification, Testing and Performance Standards;, Performance Criteria for EILS Resources; and, Revocation of Qualification of EILS Resources and/or their QSEs
Description: This PRR proposes the following revisions: · Section 2.1: The addition of a Definition for EILS Self-Provision by NOIEs · Section 6.5.12(3): The addition of steps to allow for NOIE Self-Provision and at the same time inform ERCOT of how much EILS it needs to purchase in order to reach its desired goal.. · Section 6.5.12(7)(e): Stating that EILS Self-Provision does not require a MW price. · Section 6.5.12(7)(i): Requiring NOIEs to inform ERCOT of the Maximum amount of EILS Self-Provision they are willing to provide. · Section 6.5.12(7)(j): Allowing NOIEs the option of bidding into the EILS program in the same manner as other loads. · Section 6.5.12(8): Requiring ERCOT to reduce its EILS Budget by the amount of EILS that is Self-Provided. · Section 6.5.12(13): Stating that EILS Self-Provision does not involve payment by ERCOT to NOIEs. · Section 6.8.6: Adding a calculation and description for summing the total MW of capacity purchased by ERCOT for the purposes of EILS. This number does not include EILS capacity that is secured through self-provision. · Section 6.9.4: Adding EILS to Settlement Obligations. · Section Description and changes to the settlement calculations to accommodate NOIE Self-Provision. Section and Describing the way a NOIE Self-Providing EILS is treated if it fails to perform.
Reason: To allow for NOIE Self-Provision of their load ratio share of EILS responsibility, consistent with PUC Subst. R. 25.507.

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