Title Corrections to Replacement Reserve Service
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Status Rejected on 10/19/2006


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
11/02/2006 TAC Rejected Board consideration of CNE Appeal.
10/19/2006 PRS Rejected TAC notification

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
11/02/2006 TAC To reject CNE's Appeal of the PRS decision to reject PRR692. Passed
10/19/2006 PRS Reject PRR692. Passed


Status: Rejected
Date Posted: Sep 19, 2006
Sponsor: Constellation New Energy
Urgent: No
Sections: 2.1, Definitions; 2.2, Acronyms; 4.4.16, ERCOT Receipt of Replacement Reserve Service Bids; 6.4.2, Determination of ERCOT Control Area Requirements; 6.5.6, Replacement Reserve Service;, Local Congestion Replacement Reserve Payment to QSE;, Replacement Reserve Under Scheduled Capacity;, Replacement Reserve Uplift Charge
Description: Removes costs related to capacity procured for system security from the costs that are solely assigned to under-scheduled Qualified Scheduling Entities (œQS€?), provides incentives for more accurate resource plans and eliminates the RPRS over-collection by compensating QSEs representing unscheduled resource
Reason: Currently, the settlement of replacement reserves unfairly allocates system security costs solely to users of BES Up and those that submit schedules after RPRS procurement. This PRR appropriately charges the system for system costs, and charges the portion of RPRS procurements caused by under-scheduling to those that under-schedule. This is consistent with the RPRS Task Force discussion on revisions to PRR 680.

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