Title Reducing the Frequency of the Unregistered Distributed Generation Reports
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Status Withdrawn on 09/13/2011


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
09/13/2011 COPS Withdrawn
07/12/2011 CCWG Recommended for Approval CCWG review the IA

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Date Gov Body Motion Result
09/13/2011 COPS To withdraw COPMGRR026 Passed
07/12/2011 CCWG Consensus to recommend approval of COPMGRR026 as submitted. Passed


Status: Withdrawn
Date Posted: Jun 15, 2011
Sponsor: Harika Basaran on behalf of COPS
Urgent: No
Sections: 10.3.1 , 10.3.3
Description: This Commercial Operations Market Guide Revision Request (COPMGRR) reduces the frequency of the Distributed Generation (DG) below the registration threshold reports from quarterly to annually and also clarifies language for reporting requirements.
Reason: At the May 10, 2011 COPS meeting, Market Participants expressed interest in reducing the frequency of the unregistered DG reports. Protocol Section 16.5 currently requires ERCOT to produce quarterly reports based on the quarterly reports filed by Non-Opt-In Entities (NOIEs). Based on the last report published for Q1 of 2011, the maximum capacity of unregistered DG in any Load Zone is less than 1.4 MW. The amount of man hours spent by ERCOT and Market Participants to collect and report this data will be reduced significantly if the reports are required annually rather than quarterly.

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