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The ERCOT Weather Forecast is developed by Lead Meteorologist Chris Coleman. The interactive map displays today’s temperature information for major cities located within the ERCOT grid. Hover over a city to see the most recent temperature forecast. 

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Significant additional icing due to freezing rain is expected to continue over large portions of North, Central, and especially West Texas today into tonight. Heavy ice on trees and power lines will remain an issue through Thursday morning. Northern portions of West Texas could see some icing and mixed frozen precipitation continue into Thursday afternoon. The I-35 locations south to Austin could still see some additional icing in spots Thursday morning, while warmer temperatures try to build in and change the precipitation to non-freezing rain. Precipitation should end along/near the I-35 locations by noon tomorrow. Temperatures will hover near the freezing mark this afternoon in the areas being impacted by ice – and temperatures will be in the 40s with scattered rain over Southeastern and South Texas today and tonight. Clouds will begin to break over Far West Texas tomorrow afternoon, spreading across the rest of the state tomorrow night into Friday morning. Conditions should be much warmer this weekend.

Freezing rain will continue today and tonight across most of West, North, and Central Texas. There is some possibility of the freezing rain mixing with snow and sleet over northern portions of West Texas. The Panhandle, however, will remain dry. Dallas-Fort Worth to Austin will continue to be impacted by freezing rain/drizzle today into tonight, with accumulation generally heavier North. Northeast Texas will see mostly rain today that changes over to freezing rain in spots tonight. There will be scattered rain showers today and tonight across the southern half of the East zone, as well as in the Coast zone and in the eastern half of the South zone. Highs this afternoon will be in the low-30s over North and West Texas, as well as much of Central Texas. Low-to-mid-40s this afternoon across the Coast and South zones. 20s and 30s for lows tonight across the majority of the ERCOT system, including 31 degrees in Dallas, 27 in Abilene, and 38 in Corpus Christi.

North and West Texas as well as parts of Central Texas will still be at or below freezing at daybreak tomorrow. There will likely be some additional icing impacts tomorrow morning in those regions. Freezing rain in Central Texas should switch over to plain rain tomorrow morning. By afternoon, conditions will be improving over most of the state, though some lingering mixed precipitation is expected over northern West Texas, centered around Abilene, tomorrow afternoon. That lingering precipitations will move east across North Texas tomorrow evening. Dry conditions across the state are expected before daybreak Saturday. Clouds will break over Far West Texas tomorrow afternoon, while the rest of the state remains under overcast skies until tomorrow night. Highs tomorrow will be a bit warmer overall than today but still quite chilly. Mid-to-upper-30s in the Metroplex tomorrow afternoon. 40s in Central Texas east to Houston. 30s in northern West Texas; 40s in southern portions. 50s tomorrow afternoon in South Texas. With clearing skies, tomorrow night will again be cold state-wide.

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