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The ERCOT Weather Forecast is developed by ERCOT Meteorologists Chris Coleman and Mark Witte. The interactive map displays today’s temperature information for major cities located within the ERCOT grid. Hover over a city to see the most recent temperature forecast. 

Note: A Weather Zone is a geographic region designated by ERCOT in which climatological characteristics are similar for all areas within such region. This map displays the various Weather Zones that exist within the ERCOT footprint, but it does not necessarily include all counties that have participation within the ERCOT market.

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General Discussion:
Mostly sunny, hot, and humid conditions will prevail statewide through Sunday. A cold front will move across Texas on Sunday and Monday bringing widespread rain chances and cooler temperatures just in time for the start of the astronomical fall season (the equinox being Saturday). There is a chance of severe weather across north-central and central Texas with the passage of the cold front. By Tuesday, afternoon temperatures will be much closer to their seasonal average along with drier conditions (except along the lower Gulf Coast, including the lower Rio Grande Valley, where showers and thunderstorms will be possible). Continued mild and mainly dry conditions will continue toward to end of next week. 

Partly to mostly sunny, hot, and humid. Afternoon high temperatures for the ERCOT major cities will be in the upper-90s for Austin and San Antonio and in the mid-90s in Dallas and Houston. There is a slight chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm in Dallas and Houston this afternoon. 

Continued mostly sunny, hot, and humid conditions on Saturday.  High temperatures will again be in the upper-90s for Austin and San Antonio and in the mid-90s in Dallas and Houston. There is a chance of a severe thunderstorm on Saturday in Dallas along with a chance of a thunderstorm in Houston. On Sunday, a cold front is forecast to move south across Texas. Along and ahead of the front, severe storms will be possibleespecially in Dallas and Austin. Showers will transition from North Texas towards Central Texas as the front moves south. Temperatures will continue hot again on Sunday for the major cities within the ERCOT region. Austin and San Antonio will see afternoon temperatures in the upper-90s with Dallas and Houston closer to the mid-90s. 

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