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The ERCOT Weather Forecast is developed by Lead Meteorologist Chris Coleman. The interactive map displays today’s temperature information for major cities located within the ERCOT grid. Hover over a city to see the most recent temperature forecast. 

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Showers and thunderstorms will continue to impact much of the ERCOT region today, tonight, and tomorrow. Most of this activity will be ahead of a cold front, which will be pushing through West Texas later today and tonight, then through the large cities tomorrow. Mostly 70s and 80s for highs today and tomorrow – a bit hotter in the Rio Grande Valley. The weather pattern begins to turn hotter and drier on Thursday. By Friday, highs in the mid-80s to mid-90s will be common. Memorial Day weekend will hold widespread highs well into the 90s over most of the state and back to over 100 over West Texas.

Very active weather today and tonight. Two areas of showers and thunderstorms this morning. The first is moving northward along the Texas Gulf Coast. This will bring rain chances into Houston for the late-morning into early-afternoon time frame. Better chances for stronger thunderstorms will be east of Houston this afternoon. By late-afternoon, the precipitation in Southeast Texas will be diminishing. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are seen this morning mostly north of I-20 over the West and North zones. Much of this activity will continue throughout the day, spreading eastward over the North zone and northern North Central zone. A scattered thunderstorm is possible in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex this afternoon, but most of the activity will be north and west. The more significant precipitation event will be taking shape over West Texas this afternoon, with much of the Far West, West, and western half of the North zone being impacted by storms with severe potential. Clusters of thunderstorms will begin to develop over West Texas by 3-4 p.m. Any of those could quickly become severe, with large hail and strong winds possible. Only a slight chance of an isolated tornado. The clusters of storms will become increasingly organized into a line of storms with a large area of precipitation behind it this evening. Storms should be approaching Dallas-Fort Worth by an hour either side of 9 p.m. and Austin closer to midnight. San Antonio may be on the southern end of the area of thunderstorms tonight. Storms will continue to impact the I-35 locations overnight, exiting Dallas-Fort Worth near or just before daybreak tomorrow, and Central Texas after noon. Tonight’s storms also have severe potential. Temperatures today will generally be similar to yesterday. Highs mostly in the 70s and 80s.

The area of storms will be impacting the East and Coast zones during the first half of tomorrow, more scattered into the eastern South zone. All precipitation will be diminishing by late-afternoon into evening. Cooler tomorrow behind a cold front. Highs will be mostly in the 70s across North and West Texas; low-to-mid-80s in the South Central and Coast zones; low-90s in the Rio Grande Valley.

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