2022 Board-proposed Bylaws Amendment


The ERCOT Board of Directors (Board) has proposed an amendment to the ERCOT Bylaws. The proposed amendment clarifies that amendments to the ERCOT Bylaws or Certificate of Formation do not require approval by the Corporate Members, but also requires that Corporate Members be provided notice and the opportunity to comment on any such proposed amendments or other fundamental actions. The proposed amendment also clarifies that Corporate Members no longer are required to vote as a full body, but continue to have the right to elect Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Representatives by Segment or subsegment. Other key changes include expanding the ability of Directors to fully participate and vote by teleconference or similar means at meetings where an in-person quorum is achieved; adding a requirement that TAC adopt minimum requirements for TAC Representatives, as well as a certification process for Corporate Members’ TAC Representatives; and revisions to better align with the Public Utility Regulatory Act (PURA) in light of the amendments made to PURA by Texas Senate Bill 2 in 2021.

ERCOT Legal Contacts

Chad V. Seely, 512-225-7035, chad.seely@ercot.com
Jonathan Levine, 512-225-7017, jonathan.levine@ercot.com
Kim Rainwater, 512-225-7179, kimberly.rainwater@ercot.com


Company: ERCOT
Type: Bylaws
Date Submitted: 09/09/2022
Status: Approved
Next Group: None
Meeting Date:

Key Documents

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