Texas SET Working Group Meeting

December 10, 2007
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
CenterPoint Energy Tower Offices
1111 Louisiana St.
Houston, TX 77002
- Room TBA
Dial-In: 512-225-7260
Dial-In Code: 2233



Day 1 - December 10, 2007





Texas SET Meeting

Antitrust Admonition


Approval of Draft August 30, 2007 Meeting Notes

Approval of Draft October 24 - 25, 2007 Meeting Notes



10:00 AM



RMS Update

  • Demand Response

COPS/RMS Demand Response Taskforce created to develop business requirements and address market issues concerning Demand Response Programs

  • IDR Mandatory Install Process changes drafted by TX SET and Recommended to PWG for their comments
  • Nodal Changes Station ID Changes
    • RMS recommended making the changes early in 2008 (Proposal from ERCOT February 2008) to prevent Market impacts with Nodal Implementation schedules and Annual Validation both scheduled for the latter part of 2008. 
    • Are there other issues identified or project schedules that need to be discussed by TX SET to complete the transition of ~2 Million 814_20s?
  •  RMS Working Group 2007 Accomplishments and 2008 Goals 






New Issues/Discussion Items


Issue 075The use of Ignore CSA indicator on MVOs (Johnny Robertson)

Issue 076Error In gray box of he MTX segment (Johnny Robertson)

PUCT Staff concern: How do CRs account for premise address in city limits or not in city limes to determine if gross tax receipts should be applied?   (Kathy Scott) 

Under Review:

Issue 070CRs are receiving replacement invoices without ever having received an original or a cancel

Issue 071: Proposed shortening of the current evaluation windows of 5 days for a Switch and 2 days for a MVI (Jennifer Garcia)

Issue 073:  Move Out Cancelled for Incoming Move In (Kathy Scott)

Issue 074814_08 Non-Response Driven Cancellation request for 814_24 Move-Out request in the evaluation period that is a Second Request (2MR) (Kathy Scott)

Any Additional Issues?



10:30 AM


Update Action Items Spreadsheet

  • Review Completed Action Items Spreadsheet to develop 2007 Accomplishments
  • Review Pending/Open Action Items Spreadsheet to develop 2008 Goals



11:00 AM


Develop 2007 Accomplishments for RMS along with 2008 Goals Document for January 2008 RMS



11:30 AM




12:00 PM



2007 Accomplishments and 2008 Goals (continued)



  1:00 PM


The Future of Implementation Guide Examples

Matrix of Implementation Guide Examples built (Kyle Patrick)

What is our plan?



  2:00 PM




  3:30 PM










Day 2 - December 11, 2007





Continue Discussing Any Open Items from Day 1 (December 10, 2007) Texas SET Meeting or Suggestion Box



  9:00 AM



Retail Market Guide Scope and Assignments


Anyone ready to discuss or review their assigned section of the Retail Market Guide:

7.3 Safety Net - Bill Reily

7.4 Standard Historical Usage Request - Suzette Sondag

7.5 Transfer from Outgoing Provider of Last Resort (POLR) to Incoming POLR upon Termination of POLR Status - Johnny Robertson

7.6 Disconnect and Reconnect for Non-Payment Process - TDSPs

7.7 Transaction Timing Matrix - Catherine Meiners

7.8 Formal Dispute Process for CRs and TDSPs - Rob Bevill

7.9 No Retail Electric Provide of Record or Left in Hot - Kyle Patrick

7.10 867_03 Contingency - Kathy Scott

7.11 Mass Transition -  Jennifer Garcia

7.12 Estimated Meter Reading - Cary Reed

7.13 Interval Data Recorder (IDR) Optional Removal/Install Process - Kathy Scott



 10:00 AM


2008 Texas SET Meeting Schedule and Locations



 11:30 PM


Leadership Nominations for 2008



 11:45 PM





 12:00 PM




   3:00 PM



Scheduled txset Meetings

Key Documents

Dec 9, 2007 - ppt - 57 KB
Dec 9, 2007 - ppt - 68.5 KB
TX SET Event Summary 12-10-07 notes
TX SET Meeting Notes 12-10-07 and 12-11-07
Jan 10, 2008 - doc - 79.5 KB
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