Joint MCT/TXSET Meeting

July 13, 2011
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
ERCOT Austin
8000 Metropolis (Building E), Suite 100
Austin, TX 78744
Room 168
Teleconference: 888-894-0587
Meeting number: 654 115 563
Meeting password: Texas123!!


   Antitrust Admonition
ERCOT strictly prohibits market participants and their employees who are participating in ERCOT activities from using their participation in ERCOT activities as a forum for engaging in practices or communications that violate the antitrust laws.  The ERCOT Board has approved guidelines for members of ERCOT Committees, subcommittees and working Groups to be reviewed and followed by each market participant attending ERCOT meetings.  If you have not received a copy of these Guidelines, copies are available at the Client Services desk.

10:00 a.m.


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3. Introductions

MCT discussions:

-       Currently the AMS Indicator (REF~MR) in the Implementation Guide shows multiple REF~MR can be sent in the same transaction.  ERCOT is suggesting this be updated to only allow 1 per transaction.

o   If multiple are sent to ERCOT they will not know what to display on TML

o   ERCOT would like to receive REP input on receiving multiple REF~MR in the same transaction. 

§  What would you do? 

§  Would you expect ERCOT to reject so you only receive 1?  Or would you store both?

-       Stacking Scenarios and Examples



·         Review the submitted RMGRR if necessary

·         Review Stacking RMGRR  


Texas SET Timeline:

·         Review updated timeline for Texas SET 4.0 Implementation


Texas SET 4.0 Requirements Review:

  •  Review changes from the Change Controls approved at RMS Meeting


  Implementation Guides:

·         Market Participants were asked to review the redlined Implementation Guides and provide feedback.  No feedback was provided to ERCOT so at this time we are assuming that everyone is good with the guides.   


Training for 4.0:

·         Discuss setting up Workshops in Houston and Dallas to review any Market Participant questions regarding SET 4.0. 

o   Move August MCT/SET to Dallas (looking for volunteer to host)


Texas SET Issues:

·         129 Add clarity to determine if the REF~IX is required when the REF~MT is COMBO in the 814_04 transaction.



Testing Updates:

·         Current Flight Update

·         Test Scripts for Texas SET 4.0

o   Review any scripts written so far

o   Should Market Participants who know they will not use Acquisition be required to test it?

o   Use extra time to write Test Scripts

·         2012 Flight Schedule

o   Discuss SIM Dates

·         Business Day Clarification



Other Business:

13. Adjourn

Scheduled mct Meetings

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