Load Serving Entities 201

This course familiarizes Load Serving Entities (LSEs) with the wholesale costs of serving load in the ERCOT Nodal Market. The objective of this course is to explore these costs, introduce market tools available for managing these costs, and then observe a series of scenarios showing the application of these market tools in example market settings.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Market Products for Hedging Costs
  • Credit Overview
  • Using Market Products
  • A Few Other Risks and Rewards

*Note: The Load Serving Entity 201 course topics are presented assuming that the student possesses an understanding of the information covered in the prerequisite course listed above.

Prerequisite: Wholesale Markets 101


Feb 28, 2024 - pdf - 2.5 MB
LSE201 Scenario Workbook
LSE 201 workbook
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