Generation Resources - Steps to Establish New QSE Relationship

This section offers the steps that a current generation resource must take to change its QSE relationship and maintain its integration with the ERCOT system.

A key event to plan for is the first operating day, when the synchronous connection between ERCOT and the generator’s new QSE representative goes live. This date represents when the QSE becomes operationally responsible and financially liable for responding to ERCOT operational instructions, according to the ERCOT Protocols.

The resource entity is encouraged to work with its QSE and ERCOT to coordinate planning the first operating day. A change in the operations system is required to establish the operational relationship between QSE and generation resource in ERCOT's energy management system. The RE and QSE are asked to consider the Network Operations Model Change Schedule when establishing the date.

Current generators will need to complete these steps:

The generation resource's new QSE representative must perform the following:

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