News Release

May 31, 2023

ERCOT Launches Grid Notification Tool

(Austin, TX) – ERCOT today announced the Texas Advisory and Notification System (TXANS), a new communications tool that will deliver information on grid conditions to the public. As part of ERCOT’s ongoing effort to be more open and transparent, today’s announcement is in addition to the previously announced 6-Day Supply and Demand Forecast and Fuel Mix dashboards available on the ERCOT webpage.

“TXANS will deliver clear and reliable notifications ahead of significant weather conditions where high demand on the grid is possible,” said Pablo Vegas, ERCOT President and CEO.  “Keeping Texans informed earlier adds a new level of awareness on grid conditions and any public action that may be needed.”

TXANS will introduce the ERCOT Weather Watch, which is intended to provide the public with an earlier notification 3-5 days ahead of possible higher demand due to forecasted conditions. Grid conditions are normal when an ERCOT Weather Watch is issued.

For more information, visit Texas Advisory and Notification System (TXANS) at www.ercot.com/txans. Sign up to receive TXANS email notifications and updates from the new webpage and follow us on social media.

TXANS notifications will not replace Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) notices, which will continue to be sent to the Emergency Alerts email distribution list. TXANS notifications do not indicate emergency grid conditions are expected.



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