Title IDR Installation Process
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Status Approved on 02/15/2006
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Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
03/09/2006 TAC Approved
02/15/2006 RMS Approved

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
03/09/2006 TAC Approved as recommended by RMS Passed
02/15/2006 RMS On 02/15/2005 RMS unanimously voted to recommend approval of RMGRR031 as modified by the IDR Taskforce comments. All Market segments were present. Passed


Status: Approved
Date Posted: Nov 16, 2005
Sponsor: Kathy Scott on behalf of the IDR Taskforce
Urgent: No
Sections: 7.13.2 Interval Data Recorder (IDR) Installation Process (New) Appendix (New)
Description: This RMGRR was created to clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of each Market Participant in processing requests for Mandatory or Optional IDR Installation that complies with Protocol Section 18.6.1, Interval Data Recorder (IDR) Installation and Use in Settlement. This RMGRR also adds a new appendix for the IDR Installation Request Form.
Reason: At the April 2005 RMS meeting, an IDR Taskforce was created to develop a Market process to support the new Mandatory IDR Threshold of 700 kW (kVA) requirements effective October 1, 2005. One of the recommendations of the Taskforce is to create a new section outlining this process for inclusion in the Retail Market Guide.

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