Title Clawback Mechanism for Generating Resources at a Site with an RMR Unit
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Status Rejected on 02/23/2006


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
02/23/2006 PRS Rejected
01/18/2006 WMS Referred Language review
10/20/2005 PRS Referred

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Date Gov Body Motion Result
02/23/2006 PRS Reject PRR632 Passed
01/18/2006 WMS Recommend rejection Passed
10/20/2005 PRS Refer to WMS with isntructions to report back to PRS at the January PRS meeting Passed


Status: Rejected
Date Posted: Sep 9, 2005
Sponsor: TXU Energy
Urgent: No
Sections: 2.1,
Description: Establishes a clawback mechanism applicable to RMR Standby Cost to prevent improper subsidization of Generation Resources located at the same physical location as an RMR Unit. Such Resources are called RMR Companion Unit(s). The clawback mechanism reduces the hourly Standby Price paid for RMR Service by the profits earned by operation of any RMR Companion Units located at the same site as the RMR Unit up to the cumulative total hourly Standby Cost incurred. The profits of the RMR Companion Unit(s) are defined as the difference between the MCPE for each interval that the Companion Unit(s) operate and the Resource Category Generic Fuel Cost (RCGFC) for the Companion Unit(s) less the Resource Category Generic Start Cost of the RMR Resource if started during the period in which the RMR Companion Unit(s) operated.

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