System-Wide Prices

System-Wide Prices is a graphical representation of Real-Time and Day-Ahead price averages in the ERCOT system.

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System-Wide Prices provides Hub and Load Zone Settlement Point Prices (SPPs) for the Real-Time and Day-Ahead Markets.  These values represent an average price for electricity, subject to system conditions and constraints, within the ERCOT wholesale electricity markets. Hubs and Load Zones are groups of electrical buses assigned to the same Hub or Load Zone where prices at the applicable electrical busses are used to calculate the SPPs for the Hub or Load Zone.  

The Real-Time Hub Average is represented as a solid orange line on the graph. The Day-Ahead Hub Average is represented as a dotted orange line. The Real-Time Hub Bus Average is represented as a solid blue line. The Day-Ahead Hub Bus Average is represented as a dotted blue line. 

The drop-down selector at the bottom of the screen allows for the selection of individual hubs and load zones. 

The following reports provide similar data points but may not provide a one-to-one match with the values currently displayed in the dashboard: