Generation Outages

Generation Outages is a graphical representation of planned and forced generation outages within the ERCOT system.

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This dashboard provides MW values of planned and forced generation outages, including energy storage resources, currently taking place as well as any that occurred during the previous 6 days. These quantities include full outages, as well as partial reductions in generation capability that meet reporting requirements. The values in the dashboard reflect MW capability reductions relative to a generator’s maximum seasonal capability.

Total Outages view
View Total Outages (purple line), Planned Outages (blue line), and Forced Outages (orange line) for the current day or the previous 6 days.

Outages by Resource Type view
View outages by Resource Type: Dispatchable, Renewable, Forced, or Planned. And view the total values for each Resource Type.

        Planned Renewable Outages (light orange line)
        Forced Renewable Outages (medium orange line)
        Total Renewable Outages (dark orange line)

        Planned Dispatchable Outages (light blue line)
        Forced Dispatchable Outages (medium blue line)
        Total Dispatchable Outages (dark blue line)

        Total Outages (purple line)

Click any of the labels below the graph to hide/display that singular line.

Note: All data displayed on the Generation Outages dashboard has been submitted to ERCOT by Market Participants. Outage information can also be entered after an outage has occurred. A planned outage that requires an extension will then be classified as a forced outage.

The following reports provide similar data points but may not provide a one-to-one match with the values currently displayed in the dashboard: