NDSWG Meeting

September 19, 2006
09:30 AM - 03:30 PM
ERCOT Taylor, TCC1
800 Airport Drive
Taylor, TX 76574
Dial-In: 512.225.7282
Dial-In Code: 4221

1. Security check in and proceed to conference room 9:15 AM
2. Call to Order and Antitrust Admonition David Grubbs 9:30 AM
3. Approval of August Minutes David Grubbs 9:35 AM
4. Update on Status of NMMS John Moseley 9:45 AM
5. Discussion of Naming Convention / Resolve Substation and Bus Names (Bring suggestion to resolve naming conflicts) Joe Weatherly 10:15 AM
6. Network Model Telemetry Project / Discussion of Telemetry Requirements under Nodal John Webb 10:45 AM
7. Discussion of State Estimator Performance Guidelines 11:30 AM
Lunch 12:00 Noon
8. Model Comparison Joe Weatherly 1:00 PM
9. How to Model EPS Meters in NMMS Database (TPTF Request) David Grubbs 2:00 PM
10. Do TSPs need to submit MW, MVAr and MVA or just MW and MVAr across ICCP link per Nodal Protocol Question to ERCOT 2:30 PM
11. Discussion on Telemetry / State Estimator Standards 2:45 PM
12. Future Special Meetings on Telemetry, State Estimator, Naming Convention and Nodal Protocols 3:10 PM
13. New Business 3:15 PM
Adjourn 3:30 PM

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