Texas SET WG Meeting by Webex Only

May 20, 2020
09:30 AM
Teleconference: 877-668-4493
Meeting number: 623 596 257
Meeting password: TXSET

  • Antitrust Admonition
  • Introductions
  • Minutes: April
  • RMS Update
    • Summer Preparedness Workshop Update
    • Email Vote: Change Controls Approved
    • Flight Update
    • Projects
        • NAESB 1.2 Update (If Available)
        • EDI Translator Update
        • TXSET_Questions_EDIV10
  • New Change Controls to be discussed:
    • Change Control 2020-820: Recipients of the Select Language Characters (Special Characters) found in the Extended Character Set of the Application Control Structure can be rejected with a 997 Reject.
    • Change Control 2020-821: Add necessary data elements to transactions to allow the submission of County to be communicated.
    • Change Control 2020-822: Update the 814_20 Guide for the REF~4P to clarify the use when NM101=MX.
  • Under Review Change Controls to be discussed:
    • Change Control 2020-810: Clarifies how the TDSP utilize the BGN08 and REF~5H segments within the 650_04 when terminating or suspending service at a premise.
    • Change Control 2020-819: Clarify REF~4P and REF~IX are not provided when NM109 is NONE or UNMETERED in the 814_20.
  • 5.0 Release Change Controls
    • Feedback on how to populate the date field for Continuous Service Agreement (CSA) start times in transactions and ERCOT CSA database.
    • Feedback on Texas SET Leadership review of Market guides (Solution to Stacking, REP Rule 13, Retail Market Guide, Protocols) to determine if the short term existing language in REP Rule 13 is sufficient or if additional language is needed to allow ERCOT to validate for the inappropriate use the REF~2W Ignore CSA code in the 814_24 Move Out Request.
  • COVID ERP Process Discussion
  • TEXAS SET Issue(s)
    • A13 Reject Codes: Could there be more applicable codes to use.
  • Adjourn

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Key Documents

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