Texas SET Team Meeting

March 16, 2005
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
CenterPoint Energy Tower Offices
1111 Louisiana St.
Houston, TX 77002
Rm. 670
Dial-In: 888-896-0305
Dial-In Code: 352719


Day 1

10:00 AM

Kyle Patrick-Reliant Energy

  • Dial Up Information
    Houston Local:  (713) 207-8550
    Long Distance:  (888) 896-0305
    Password: 352719
  • Introductions
  • Approval of February Minutes
  • Antitrust Admonition
    ERCOT strictly prohibits market participants and their employees who are participating in ERCOT activities from using their participation in ERCOT activities as a forum for engaging in practices or communications that violate the antitrust laws.  The ERCOT Board has approved guidelines for members of ERCOT Committees, subcommittees and working Groups to be reviewed and followed by each market participant attending ERCOT meetings.  If you have not received a copy of these Guidelines, please send an email to Brittney Albracht balbracht@ercot.com to receive a copy.
10:15 AM

RMS Update

  • FasTrak Project
  • IDR Removal Issue (PWG)
  • NEC reject for disconnected Premise (Disconnect Reconnect TF)
10:45 AM 

TX SET Discussion

  • CC2004-576
  • There is a discrepancy in the interpretation of this change control and the changes required for the 814_20.
11:15 AM

TX SET Discussion

  • V2.1 Redline Assignment Review
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM

…Continued TX SET Discussion

  • V2.1 Redline Assignments ReviewNEXT STEPS
1:30 PM

TX SET Discussion

  • Updates to Swimlanes
  • Need to review all swimlanes to ensure compliancy with TX SET V2.1
3:00 PM

TX SET Discussion

  • Review Protocols, Section 19
  • Redline any updates necessary for TX SET V2.1 Compliance
4:00 PM

Meeting Schedule

  • April -- AEP’s offices in Corpus Christi: 4/5 & 4/6
  • May -- Entergy in New Orleans: TBD
  • June -- Reliant in Houston: TBD
  • July -- Direct Energy / AEP in Tulsa: TBD
  • August -- TXU in Dallas: TBD
  • September -- ERCOT in Austin: TBD
  • October -- CenterPoint in Houston: TBD
4:30 PM Adjourn

Day 2

9:00 AM

Tom Baum -- ERCOT

  • Change Control Conference Call
  • Dial Up Information
    Houston Local:  (713) 207-8550
    Long Distance:  (888) 896-0305
    Password: 352719

CC2005-686:  Add text to the 814_24 REF~1P segment gray box that states CRs use of ‘B44’ code will bypass the CSA agreement at ERCOT when one exists.  This change control is being submitted as a result of V2.1 Requirement 26 discussed at the February 2005 TX SET Meeting.  This change allows ERCOT the ability to bypass the current CSA Agreement when receiving an 814_24 MVO with a Remove Meter Segment (REF~1P~B44).  This is to prevent ERCOT from creating a Move-In (MVI) Request in the event of a Continuous Service Agreement (CSA) that may exist.   Upon receipt of the 814_24 Move-Out transaction that includes the REF~1P~B44 segment, ERCOT will pass the 814_24 Move-Out to the TDSP with the REF~1P~B44 Remove Meter segment.

Tabled CCs:

CC2004-671:  Update the 814_09 REF~1P gray box to clarify it is used unless it is missing or contains invalid data elements in the 814_08.

CC2004-682:  Market participants operating in the Texas Market do not use the REF~PR and REF~NH on the 814_04, 814_05, 814_14, 814_20 or 814_22 and therefore recommend removing this segment from the transactions

Requesting Nullification:

CC2004-647:  Add clarity on the ANSI definition of Alpha numeric is the 52 upper and lower case letters in the English alphabet.  TX SET requires that all alphas be Upper case which limits this to 26 characters, which does not include the use of the special characters above letters such as ~, or `, etc

CC2004-651:  Add new reject reason code of "IMN" to REF~7G segment for "Invalid Membership Number or ID" to be used in MOU/EC market

CC2004-666:  Add a new TED02 code, ‘IMN’, to the TED segment for an MOU/EC to use when rejecting an 810_03 CR invoice.  MCTDSP must be able to reject an invoice if there is no membership ID or there is no ID match with current MOU/EC account


10:00 AM

TX SET Discussion

  • Testing Requirements for MCT
  • TX SET will take the first round of identifying testing requirements to be handed off to MCT and discussed at April 7th MCT meeting in Corpus.

Scheduled txset Meetings

Key Documents

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Nov 14, 2005 - doc - 64.5 KB

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