DWG Meeting

February 09, 2005
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
ERCOT Taylor, TCC1
800 Airport Drive
Taylor, TX 76574
Rm. 254


RSVP: Please inform Jan Grisham at 512-248-3140 or jgrisham@ercot.com by February 7, 2005 if you plan to attend this meeting.  This is necessary for security reasons.  ALSO, LET ME KNOW THAT YOU ARE COMING.

  1. Opening remarks by DWG Chair.
  2. January ROS update.
  3. 2005 task list
    • revisit TVD part I
  4. Compliance issues update.
  5. DDR locations
  6. Reza: AEN statcom time constant.
  7. DWG suggestion on when to move to v30 of PSS/E
  8. Add load as responsible reserve models to the dynamics database.
  9. Tom: stability book schedule.
  10. Plan flat start 2005 case with wind models.
    • Revise ERCOT wind models for multi-wind plant studies.
    • Jose: PTI response to our wind model request.
  11. Plan ROS chosen event simulation and analysis
  12. Flat start 2010 case.
  13. Coordinate archiving DWG documents.
  14. OGRR on DDRs.

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