MarkeTrak/IAG - Part 2

This training takes a deep dive into two of the most common MarkeTrak subtypes used for issue resolution in the retail market - exploring the fundamentals of the Switch Hold Removal process and the Inadvertent Gain/Loss/Rescission (IAS) processes providing a forum for facilitated discussion of these issues, best practices, and a review of the IAS market reporting. MarkeTrak is the web-based database application used to track and manage ERCOT Retail Market data discrepancies.

Prerequisite: MarkeTrak System Application - WBT

This class is intended for Load Serving Entities, Transmission and/or Distribution Service Providers, and others interested in learning more about the MarkeTrak system and how to effectively resolve Inadvertent Gain issues.

ERCOT recommends participants complete the following online courses prior to attending this class.

Prerequisite: MarkeTrak System Application - WBT