MarkeTrak System Application - WBT

MarkeTrak: Overview  

MarkeTrak is a web based application used to track, manage, and store data utilized by ERCOT and Market Participants. Marketrak is the tool used to track issue management and data discrepancies in the ERCOT retail market. This course introduces the main elements of the MarkeTrak interface

MarkeTrak: Inadvertent Gain/Loss    

An inadvertent gain occurs when a customer or ESID is changed to a REP that is different than the expected REP of choice. The Inadvertent Gain process was designed to ensure that inadvertently gained Customers are returned to the original Competitive Retailer in a quick and efficient manner with minimal inconvenience to the Customers as per PUC rules regarding Unauthorized Change of Electric Provider.



MarkeTrak: Switch hold Removal

An ESIID may be subject to a Switch Hold if there is a Deferred Payment Plan in effect, or if it is determined that meter tampering has occurred.   If a Competitive Retailer sends a move in transaction to ERCOT on an ESIID subject to switch hold, the TDSP will reject the move-in.   The Competitive Retailer can request that the switch hold be removed by submitting a Switch Hold Removal issue via MarkeTrak.  



MarkeTrak: Cancel With/Without Approval

Market Participants have the ability to request cancellation of a Move In, Move out or Switch by submitting a "Cancel with Approval" MarkeTrak issue.  Either a Competitive Retailer or a TDSP can submit this subtype, but approval by both parties is necessary before the transaction can be cancelled.  



MarkeTrak: Usage/Billing Disputes

The Usage/Billing subtypes are used by Market Participants for questions pertaining to missing 867_03 usage, 867_03 final, and 810 transactions.  Also, it is used for disputes pertaining to Load or Generation and questions relating to bill calculations or tariff assignments of transactions already received.



MarkeTrak: Additional Day-To-Day Subtypes

This module is dedicated to the remaining subtypes within the D2D category for which generally follow the same basic workflow process and the variety of transition paths the user may select. This module will cover additional subtypes such as Missing Enrollment Transaction, Siebel Change, Projects and others.



MarkeTrak: Bulk Insert

Bulk Insert is a method that allows MarkeTrak users to create multiple issues of the same subtype at once through a web browser interface.  Bulk Insert allows the user to upload a file that contains the data for a batch of issues to be created in MarkeTrak.



MarkeTrak: Admin Functionality

This module reviews how MarkeTrak administrators use workflows in the MarkeTrak tool to add, update, and delete users for their company, plus reporting options available for the admin workflows. The MarkeTrak Admin workflows are only visible to users designated as Administrators.


MarkeTrak: Data Extract Variance (DEV) LSE Subtypes

This module reviews how MarkeTrak is used for addressing data discrepancies between a REP's retail transaction system and ERCOT's system through comparison of ERCOT data extracts with the REP's source system. The course explains the use of validations, relationship records, and the process for data correction and notifications.

MarkeTrak: Data Extract Variance (DEV) Non-LSE Subtypes

This module reviews how MarkeTrak is used for addressing data discrepancies in ESI ID characteristics, DEV existence, DEV IDR and Non-IDR usage issues existing in the ERCOT retail transaction system. The course explains the MarkeTrak application of issue subtypes for a REP to notify a TDSP to reconcile discrepancies between ERCOT systems and the REP's system.

MarkeTrak: Email Functionality

The MarkeTrak application includes functionality that allows users to send emails and subscribe to a variety of email notifications. In this tutorial, we will review options for manually sending emails to other users from within MarkeTrak issues, what types of emails are auto generated from the MarkeTrak application, and an overview of MarkeTrak Notifications and how to elect to receive notification emails.

MarkeTrak: Reporting

The MarkeTrak application contains a vast amount of reporting options. Report types include Listing (which is the most common), Distribution, Duration, Trend, Dashboard and Other. This course explores the reporting functionality of the MarekTrak Application.

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