Load Serving Entities (LSE) 201 - WBT

Load Serving Entity 201, web-based course, familiarizes Load Serving Entities (LSEs) with the wholesale costs of serving load in the ERCOT nodal market. The objective of this course is to explore these costs, introduce market tools available for managing these costs, and then observe a series of scenarios showing the application of these market tools in example market settings.

Course modules begin with a review of the nodal market structure and roles of Market Participants and business relationships between them.

Next, the course explores factors influencing locational marginal prices (LMPs) and the resulting Settlement Point Prices. This section builds upon knowledge gleaned from the Nodal 101 prerequisite course and pushes deeper into the nature of price separation between Settlement Points when ERCOT experiences transmission congestion.

The course explains the primary wholesale market costs of serving load: Energy, Capacity, Congestion and Ancillary Services. The course explores how the various costs are realized and introduces market tools available in the Nodal Market design to hedge or manage these costs.

The remainder of the course is scenario-based and focuses on using these tools to hedge the wholesale market costs of serving load.

Prerequisites: ERCOT Nodal 101

*Note: The Load Serving Entity 201 course topics are presented assuming that the student possesses an understanding of the information covered in the prerequisite courses listed above.

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24 x 7, online Online Web Launch