News Release

Oct 2, 2023

ERCOT Introduces New Monthly Outlook for Resource Adequacy Report

(Austin, TX) – ERCOT today announced the new Monthly Outlook for Resource Adequacy (MORA) report, which replaces the Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy (SARA) report. This published report presents an overall assessment for the reporting month of December 2023.   

“Our goal is to manage a reliable grid under all situations,” said ERCOT Vice President, System Planning and Weatherization Kristi Hobbs. “The MORA report provides a more frequent advance look at resource adequacy with a focus on the likelihood of capacity shortage events for each month.”

Key features of the MORA report include:

  • Capacity Available for Operating Reserves (CAFOR), which is a probability-based assessment of the hourly risks for issuing Energy Emergency Alerts (EEAs), including a severe winter storm scenario
  • Two “typical grid conditions” scenarios for the Peak Demand Hour (Hour Ending 8 a.m.) + Minimum Demand Hour (Hour Ending 5 p.m.)
  • A new measure for tracking the extent that the ERCOT region relies on dispatchable resources for meeting the expected monthly peak load

The final SARA report was released in September 2023 covering the Fall season (October and November 2023). The MORA report will be released two months prior to each reporting month and is accessible from the Resource Adequacy page of www.ercot.com.



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