Network Data Support Working Group

The Network Data Support Working Group (NDSWG), reporting to the Reliability and Operations Subcommittee (ROS), helps coordinate the development and maintenance of transmission model data to support the real-time operational model of the ERCOT Interconnection.

NDSWG evaluates and recommends revisions to ERCOT protocols and Operating Guides for operational data requirements to support better performance of ERCOT real-time network applications; coordinates grid topology changes and verifies the accuracy of the ERCOT transmission model; evaluates and recommends guidelines and standards for the telemetering requirements necessary to support ERCOT's and market participants' operational applications; and provides the definitions, coordination and format of data requests for transmission to and from ERCOT, as directed by the ROS. The group also reviews the operational data used by market participants and ERCOT for accuracy.

Contact Information

Chair: Gerardo Escamilla 

Vice Chair: Phil Hoffer

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Key Documents

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