TCTF Meeting

May 31, 2006
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
ERCOT Austin
8000 Metropolis (Building E), Suite 100
Austin, TX 78744


This Agenda is for a two day meeting ? May 31 and June 1





Anti Trust Admonition

Tommy Weathersbee

9:00 a.m.






Review Accomplishments from 5/8/06 & 5/9/06 Meeting

Tommy Weathersbee







Review Action Items








1.  4.3.6 - TDSP to provide information for CR review of distinctions to service address field. Example 123 Oak Street TEMP, Houston, TX








2.  4.3.6 - ERCOT will see if the portal is picking up the extended address.  Need length for the Portal display








3.  4.3.9 - CRs to recommend the time of year (month?/quarter?) for Critical Care (CC) annual reevaluation








4.  4.3.4 - TX SET - Is a new reject code necessary to reject off cycle fee.  CRs will evaluate need for new reject code prior to TX SET meeting

Texas SET







5.  4.4.3 - TX SET - Do we need a reject code when a re-bill comes in greater than 150 days?  Note:  5 day reject rule applies

Texas SET







6.  4.7.2 - TCTF - Comprehensive review and revision of the process for estimation and denial of access that currently exists in the RMG

Estimation Team







7.  4.3.7 - TX SET - will look at the Implementation Guide for potential transaction flow and grey box changes for the 814_PC process

Texas SET







8.  4.4.5 - TX SET - Review the 820 Implementation guide for conformity with the rule

Texas SET







9.  4.7.2 - Convert PowerPoint to Word for RMG

Bill Reily







10.  4.7.2 - TCTF - Document the Long Term process for all of section 4.7.2. TX SET will do the transactional solution

Estimation Team







11.  4.8.3 - TX SET - Modify 810_02 existing ?05? replacement code to allow for a new provision

Texas SET







12. - TCTF - Review safety net process

Safety Net Team







13. - TCTF - Review transaction timelines in Section 15 Protocols

Protocol Team







Other Issues








Next Steps




1.   Future TCTF Meeting Schedule




i.    June 12-13




ii.   TBD as needed




Scheduled TCTF Meetings

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