RIOO Interconnection Services

Resource Integration

This section offers steps to guide Interconnecting Entities (IEs) and Resource Entities (REs) through the interconnection process for new or modified generation interconnections within the ERCOT system. Entities wishing to interconnect new generation or modify existing generation should refer to Planning Guide, Section 5.1.1 - Applicability, to determine if the proposed resource or modification must go through the Generation Resource Interconnection or Change Request (GINR) process.

Transmission-connected resources not subject to the requirements of Planning Guide Section 5 must still submit appropriate Resource Asset Registration Forms (RARF) found in the Models section below. Guidelines for Distributed Generation can be found on the Distributed Generation page. Any questions on resource integration can be directed to

IEs wishing to submit or modify a GINR application must do so through the online Resource Integration and Ongoing Operations – Interconnection Services (RIOO – IS) application, following the processes described in Planning Guide, Section 5 and the RIOO–IS IE User Guide. Links to both guides can be found in the Guides section below.

Applicable fees specified in the ERCOT Fee Schedule, as well as the ERCOT Payment Options, can be found the Payment section below.

Once a planned Generation Resource has met the requirements of Planning Guide Section 6.9 - Addition of Proposed Generation to the Planning Models, it may be registered with ERCOT. The entity that will register with ERCOT and be responsible for the Resource is the RE. This may be the IE, or another entity.  

Information is also provided for Transmission Service Providers (TSPs) to sign up for and use RIOO-IS, in order to perform tasks pertaining to the interconnection process.