QSE Services Available on Short Notice

In accordance with Section (8) of the protocols, ERCOT maintains a referral list of qualified scheduling entities (QSEs) registered as capable of providing services on short notice. Please note: ERCOT does not verify a QSE's ability to provide service on short notice.

QSEs that are interested in participating in this program may fill out the registration form below. Participating QSEs may also use this form to change information or withdraw.

Please contact your ERCOT account manager, or call ERCOT Client Services at 512-248-3900 for any of the following:

  • Competitive retailer inquiries about the process to change QSEs on short notice
  • Assistance for QSEs submitting the registration form
  • Assistance for participating QSEs making changes to the listed information
Qualified Scheduling Entity Load Gen LR Reg
APX Inc. 
Contact: Chris Gallegos, Sales/Client Services Manager 
408-517-2154, cgallegos@apx.com
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

EDF Energy Services LLC

Contact: Justin Homfeld, Vice President of Origination

281-921-9852, Justin.Homfeld@edfenergyna.com
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enerwise Global Technologies Inc. 
Contact: Joe Hayden, Vice President 
972-822-9341, joe.hayden@cpowerenergymanagement.com
    Yes       Yes

Evergy Kansas Central, Inc.

Contact: James Meitner, Director Market Operations

785-575-8094, james.meitner@evergy.com

Yes Yes Yes        
Galt Power Inc.
Contact: Jim Krajecki, Director of Wholesale Services - Southwest
512-350-2069, jkrajecki@ces-ltd.com
Yes Yes Yes       Yes
MP2 Energy LLC
Contact: Robert Douglas, Vice President of Operations
832-510-1042, robert.douglas@mp2energy.com
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shell Energy North America
Contact: Gregory Thurnher, Manager Real-time Trading and Scheduling 
713-230-4037, gregory.thurnher@shell.com
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trane Grid Services LLC
Contact: Chad Singer, Technical Leader  
502-214-9333, chad.singer@trane.com
  Yes Yes       Yes
Tenaska Power Services Co.
Contact: Keith Emery, Vice President  
817-303-1870, kemery@tnsk.com
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Twin Eagle Resource Management LLC 
Contact: Richard Chiang, Director of Asset Management 
713-341-7347, richard.chiang@twineagle.com
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Qualified to:              
Represent Load            
Represent Generation Resources (Gen)          
Represent Load Resource (LR)        
Provide Regulation Service (Reg Serv)      
Provide Responsive Service (Resp Serv)    
Provide Non-Spinning Reserve Service (NSRS)  
Provide Emergency Response Service (ERS)