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Demand response provides the ERCOT market with valuable reliability and economic services by helping to preserve system reliability, enhancing competition, mitigating price spikes, and encouraging the demand side of the market to respond better to wholesale price signals. 

In collaboration with market participants, ERCOT has developed demand response products and services for customers that have the ability to reduce or modify electricity use in response to instructions or signals. Loads may participate by offering directly into the ERCOT markets or indirectly by voluntarily reducing their energy usage in response to wholesale prices.

Emergency Response Service is now open to participation by certain generators.

The links below provide additional detail on these opportunities.

ERS Supporting Information
Annual Report on ERCOT Demand ResponseOpens new browser window
View yearly report on demand response.
Monthly ERCOT Demand Response from Pilot ProjectsOpens new browser window
View monthly response from pilot projects.

In This Section

  • Learn how a Load or aggregation of Loads, or certain types of generators, through their QSEs, can provide valuable response during a grid emergency.
  • Learn how a Load or aggregation of Loads, through a QSE, can qualify to provide Ancillary Services (Responsive Reserves, Nonspin Reserves, and/or Regulation Service) and participate in Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED).
  • Loads may contract with their Load Serving Entity to receive financial benefits for responding to wholesale energy market prices.

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